Empire Minecraft News: March and April 2016

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  1. Due to my mini absence to get hitched to a certain Moose, this news has both March and April news.

    February Referral Contest Results
    Most Clicks (receive blocks of clickyness):
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: Olaf_C
    3rd: ElectricSparx

    Most Referrals (receive voucher prize):
    Gold Voucher: Olaf_C*
    *due to minimum referrals, there was no 1st/2nd/3rd place

    March Referral Contest Results
    Most Clicks (receive blocks of clickyness):
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: Quartzic
    3rd: Olaf_C

    Most Referrals (receive voucher prize):
    Gold Voucher: Olaf_C*
    *due to minimum referrals, there was no 1st/2nd/3rd place

    Community Appreciation Award Results
    As seen here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-community-appreciation-awards-july-december-2015.62258/

    The results are in. This time, I'm going to include a mini-summary of what the players that nominated these fine players had to say in fancy bullet-points. Let's start, in no particular order...

      • an all-out amazing person
      • makes all these public utilities and much much more for everyone and she gets everyone working together
      • a kind and friendly person you can turn to for a nice chat or to help find a solution
      • selflessly does things for others, even when it may inconvenience her
      • She participates, speaks up about things and in all is a very friendly and active player
      • Very friendly and kind
      • I liked how she made a teleport hub for all of us smp1'ers, which in my opinion helped a lot of people out
      • Even though her participation might seem less than others she is there where it counts
      • goes out of their way to ensure that new players understand the server
      • always is willing to help
      • always posts in a polite and organized way and being respectful about other people's opinions
      • His organization, GRIP, is extremely helpful to griefed players
    1.9 Draws Ever Closer
    Aikar and the devs are hard at work trying to get us updated. The major bug that was holding us back is no more and they actually had the opportunity to load the build up on the test server. We don't have an exact release time set yet, but now that we can test, we're definitely one step closer.

    We even added a fancy banner at the top of the forum pages with a link to a fancy picture. Now the devs just have to focus on teaching Marlix the proper way to get himself dressed in the morning (see this for reference) and staff get to attempt to break anything and everything in the testing phase so we can make sure it all works right when you guys get it.

    Aikar keeps the Empire updated on this and other awesome code on his livestream. Like our facebook page to see when he goes live. It's Aikar Live! This is not to be missed people :p

    Mumble and You: Words Hurt More Than You Know
    Often it is too quickly forgotten that behind the voices and text, there are (normally) living and breathing humans. This means that when you say hurtful things to others in Mumble, although they may not act out in retaliation, they aren't unaffected. Cyber bullying is a BIG issue on the internet and here on EMC, we work with the community to prevent that. But it's a bit different than the clear logs in-game...

    Mumble doesn't have voice logs and recording is off limits, except in the appropriate channels. Therefore, if someone is mean to you, it's been nearly impossible for a staff member to have real evidence. However, due to some players on Mumble abusing this nature of Mumble and bullying others (which I am extremely upset about) we will be modifying the Mumble reporting process for the time being. The updated guidelines are outlined below.

    • Any Mumble issue should be reported to Krysyy directly via pmcm.emc.gs with any and all witnesses include if they are testifying
    • If 3 witnesses testify to issues from an account that staff deems against the Mumble policies, that account will be tempbanned from Mumble for 1 week as a starting point. Repetitive instances will result in longer periods of punishment.
    • False testifying can result in your own account being tempbanned. This reporting system is something not to be abused and is meant to help the players that we haven't been able to help. Please don't use this system incorrectly.
    So what could you get reported for?

    Inappropriate Language
    • We are still semi-lax about this in Mumble. Accidents happen and a simple warning usually sets people right. If someone is cursing more than what can be considered accidental, then please report the issue to a staff member. We aren't an R-rated server guys/gals. You can manage to keep the chat appropriate in order to keep things fun and family friendly for everyone to be able to enjoy Mumble.
    • Being rude is not allowed and repetitive instances is considered bullying. Don't do it EVER and you won't have any issues. Treat others how you expect them to treat you. If you expect someone to call you names and make fun of you, then message me, because we have other problems.
    Spamming/Not Utilizing Push to Talk When Necessary
    • If your mom/grandma/husband/little kid is shouting in the background, the other players on Mumble don't want to have the line spammed with your personal issues broadcasting across the channel. Once in a blue moon is an accident. Every time you are online is blatant disregard for the people in the channel.
    • If someone uses text to speech, be courteous when chatting in the text boxes. Using it specifically to spam them is not allowed.
    Have questions about these Mumble policies? Please ask! My inbox is wide open at pmcm.emc.gs.
  2. Holy news. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks Krysyy! :)
  3. Congratz to the winners of the community appreciation award! You guys deserved it.
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  4. Gratz to the Winners!!! :)
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  5. Congratulations to the ones whom won the Community Appreciation Award and the Referrals. EMC is such a great community and we appreciate those of you who go out here and help everyone out. You inspire others to do the right thing and inspire others to follow your steps to help the server grow. I know that you get this a lot I bet, but it is 100% true. Much respect for you all. -Fan
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  6. Wow, thank you all for the really kind words. Obviously, none of you know me very well. :D
    Except for the inconvenienced thing. It's almost always inconvenient :p

    I'm thrilled so many folk enjoy and use the public utilities. Many many people put a lot of time and effort into maintaining them (not to mention making them). The next one is coming soon!
    Speaking of public builds - hats off to ForeverMaster's smp8 public enderman farm. I finally got to go see it, and it is total aces and gorgeous. Not sure of everyone who made it, but hats off to you!

    I will be sure to be far more cranky in chat in the future so my inner old lady grump can truly shine through.
    Thank you again <3
  7. Woot! Congratz to the winners, especially Kytula, khix, and Shel. (Of course, Shel won again. ;))
    I was waiting for this newspaper for a long time. :)
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  8. I congratulate the winners of the contests. It's too bad people are abusing stuff on Mumble, people should have no reason to hurt people no matter what.
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  9. Yay! Grats to the winners and great newsletter Krysyy. Such an awesome community <3
  10. I was banned from mumble for spamming. My bro hyjacked my mumble and spammed. -_-
  11. Hell yeah! Love the nominees, the reasons, all that jazz.

    Nice banner, too. Thank you for addressing the Mumble thing; I've been waiting to see something like that.

    Congrats on you and Moose, too. :)
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  12. Tldr :p >:) krysyy for got the part about her getting married >_>
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  13. Wow, TREMENDOUS congratulations to Krysyy and to Moose on their marriage, on the referral content winners for their victories, and, of course, massive congrats to you three Community Appreciation winners! :D You all are extremely deserving of this award, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

    Oh, fine, congrats you, too, Aikar for getting the privilege of spending the next three years in a very intimate and frustrating relationship with 1.9 while he figures out how to make it work for EMC. But seriously, thanks for all of your hard work on that. :)

    Excellent reminders for Mumble... please, all, words really do have a big event. Lets keep things fun and enjoy our chatting. :)

    And now that the news is out, time to get rolling with that Inkstain...
  14. I didn't win the community appreciation award? I swear I bribed like 20 people!

    On a completely unrelated note, I am now in debt.
  15. Congrats to all the winners, especially Khixan! (She's my neighbor, of course she's my favorite). I haven't talked to shel in game, but he's incredibly nice (and helpful) on forums and I'm pretty sure I helped kytula with a momentus once upon a time. You're all very deserving of this award : )
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  16. Where's my bribe? I thought we had an understanding here.
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  17. Oh, heh. You didn't receive it yet? That's odd...

    You'll get it in about 3-5 Aikar days
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  18. Congrats to all the winners! Go Kytula :)
  19. go olaf!and kytula!