Empire Minecraft News: March and April 2016

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  1. Cool! =D
  2. I've never met Khixan (actually I had no idea who she was) But sheL lives near me and is the one who explained the entire server to me so here's to the deserving winners!
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  3. Khixan is the amazing person from smp8 she helped manage all the public farms on there she is really kind too should talk to her some time.
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  4. Good job everyone! I joined about a month ago and it's neat what you guys do :)
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  6. Congrats to Omega DustMC, Olaf_C, ElectricSparx, and Quartzic :D

    Khixan and ShelLuser Totally deserve the appreciation award imo!!

    I wasn't expecting to be included at all. But I am deeply touched and appreciative of the nomination.
    Thank you guys <3 T_T though it is a bitter sweet accomplishment in it's timing since I have to leave this awesome community for the time being; Due to a multitude of in real life family responsibilities. But I'm positive my EMC family I know and love, will continue to be a safe haven for new and older players alike, just like it has been for me. Remember to be kind to one another...
  7. Congrats to the winners of both the referral contests and the community appreciate contest! Seems as if the referrals have died down a bit since the last site is no longer working, and I haven't really got around to finding a new one, but hopefully that picks up again soon :)

    The new reporting system for Mumble is well set out and clear to understand, I think that will be a useful system. Bullying is definitely not okay so I agree that should be dealt with! Swearing excessively isn't great for the channels but I tend to only hear certain language when in private channels which is better than it being in the public channels where it is rated. Nice to see more on Mumble though, it's a good system!
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  8. WAT. I got third place how?
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  9. Let me look...

    Your banner on the fortress wars site =)
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  10. Thanks for the news, Krysyy! Congratz to the winners! ;D
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  11. April showers bring May flowers...

    wait, there's no March in that rhyme @.@
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  12. We are a great community because we have great staff to help us keep it that way :) Not gonna mention any specific staff! *Cough Cough - Eviltoade*
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  13. Congrats!
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  14. Thanks for the update kryssy!
    Congratz to the winners of all the contests!

    Kytula you da wo-MAN<3
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  15. Congrats to the winners!!! And thanks for the updated Mumble information.
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  16. That got clicked on? I was hoping people would actually go through and register. D:

    Oh well, at least I won something on EMC. Time to treasure it for my life.
  17. Gratz to winners
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  18. First and foremost: Congratulations again with your marriage Krysyy! Pretty awesome, and I'm sure everyone will understand that some things come first now. Even if you have been together for quite a while already (on a personal note I think that was really smart of you guys; don't rush into it but ... yeah) then this is still special!

    Having said that.... also apologies to you all for a late reaction. I've been pretty caught up with work and other obligations which left me little to no time left for EMC. That is about to change and I'm already looking forward to a nice long Empire mining session later today. Normally a late reaction isn't an issue but yeah... I won again?!

    I don't want to give the impression that I'm already considering the appreciation awards normal, because I don't. I almost spilled my coffee when I read it, I honestly wasn't expecting to win. I also have mixed feelings because I know there are plenty of others who are also deserving of it, but now that I officially won I am going to embrace it :)

    Thank you all for nominating me! And I'm thrilled to hear that people still appreciate the stuff I do, even if I sometimes do end up posting essays on these forums :) But yeah; I'm sure the others can agree: the feedback, or confirmation, that whatever you're doing is appreciated... That is a really good feeling!

    I am oh so tempted to pull a prank but let's not :D

    One important thing though... I did start GRIP and also reserve the right of having the last word in case we need to decide on something and can't reach an agreement. However, GRIP is no longer merely my organization anymore (and I take pride in that btw): If you're having issues you can also turn to fBuilderS, ChameleonNYC, Deathconn, Casualist, AyanamiKun (in no particular order); they run the place just as much as I do.

    First of all: Congratulations Khixan!! Yeah, I think you know what I meant up there: the best part of winning is that undeniable fact that people appreciated whatever you did, and it feels good doesn't it?

    And I'm leaving your reference to ForeverMaster in because yeah; his builds (for a long time I thought he was a she :oops:) are totally awesome! I really enjoyed the Enderman farm on SMP5 (I think) from time to time. First you walk over there and think "gee, long walk". Then (another day) you take the time to explore the surroundings a bit and discover that next to the farm is "simple" a whole Endercity-like structure. I kid you not!

    If you need 'm then I know some cool commands to keep those pesky players off your public lawns :D

    I was honestly keeping my fingers crossed and was really keeping my hopes out. I also nominated you and I think you deserve every bit of it! It's been a little too long ago to recall what I wrote (it was a mini-essay ;)) but yeah: it's well deserved and I'm really happy to see that it actually happened! :eek:

    Awww :confused:

    Still, in that case I'm even more happy that this actually came to pass. Just be sure to vote (or stay supporter) or drop in every once in a while so you don't lose your stuff!

    And if there's any risk of your stuff getting jeopardized then be sure to give me a shout. I have a secured storage area (with secured I really mean secured, the amount of flags and such... yeah, you don't get in easily)) which is also somewhat accessible to others. If you'd like I'd be happy to reserve some room for you.
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  19. Congratulations to all the other winners! And definitely big hugs on Krysyy and Moose's wedding :)

    I think I wrote that only in my head and my fingers never typed it. Or maybe this is a double post. I dunno people; I'm going senile.

    Anyway, read what I meant to write!

    That's old person cranky enough sounding, right?
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  20. Oh please.

    Khixan, you deserve it. I may have only really gotten involved in the overall emc community recently, and only started working with you even more recently, but from what I've seen, oh yes you do deserve that. All I'm doing is working on a rail and you're the one running me out materials and such all while working on a blaze farm, and your kindness deceives everyone if you truly are a grouchy old lady. :p I know I am easily annoyed, and I marvel at your ability to just... not show it, even if you are, haha. Well, I'm no maestro with words so I'm just going to say you deserve it, certainly, as does everyone else! I haven't had the honor of interacting with the other winners too much, but I am glad to be working with you nowadays. :)
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