Empire Minecraft News: August 2015

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  1. Secret Garden Contest Results
    Congratulations to our winners! There was a lot of participation this time around and what really set these players apart was their originality. All participants' builds are posted in a post further down (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/55489/page-2#post-1000019). So without further delay....
    1st: khixan
    2nd: hashhog3000
    3rd: nutriciousbudha

    Honorable Mentions (10k each):

    Wallpaper Contest Results
    Great effort given by all participants. You all are awesome! All participants posted below.
    1st: Equalivern
    2nd: hashhog3000
    3rd: Kappsune

    Honorable Mentions (10k each):

    Referral Contest Results
    Most clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: Nccoryg
    2nd: OmegaDustMC
    3rd: FlevasGR

    Player referrals (receive supporter vouchers):
    1st: Nccoryg
    2nd: FDNY21
    3rd: Luckypat

    Community Appreciation Awards Entering Final Vote Stage: Results Expected Soon
    The finalists are being sent to Staff for the final vote. Do not bug staff about if you made it to the final round. They will not tell you.

    ICC tribute contest ending soon.
    Deadline August 11th, 2015

    New Contributors
    Welcome to the following players who have joined our contributor team! You'll be seeing some pretty awesome content from them soon and ItsMeMatheus and I appreciate their energy and motivation to get started =)
    • BlinkyBinky
    • cadenman2002
    • Phelps4
    • poofasaurus
    Derelict Changes
    Please see and read over this thread regarding the derelict changes coming in 2 weeks. They are VERY IMPORTANT if you do not want to lose your res.


    Steam Group
    Empire Minecraft has officially taken ownership of the EmpireMinecraft steam group name. It should now be open to all for joining, but you should invite your friends =)

    Any appropriate links will be updated.

    Major PvP Updates
    In June/Early July we brought you a minor PvP update. Toward the end of July, we brought you a brand new PvP arena design and some great new fighting floors. There is now something for everyone. Check them out at /pvp today!

    Birthday Cookies being sent out very soon.
    Baker had some issues in the kitchen =P
    Aka krysyy had a lot to do and sending 350+ cookies takes a lot of time. Now that the news is out, she should be starting soon.

    Contest: Supporter Page Drawings!
  2. Oh.
    First by the way.

    Can I get click and referral #s?
  3. Cool stuff! :) I am very glad about the derelict policy changes.
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  4. Congrats to all the winners .
  5. Congratulations to all the winners! :)
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  6. Cookies :D
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  7. Congratulations to everyone, and OMG!!! thank you!!! :D I needed some great news, very much appreciated!
  8. At first I saw the other contest and thought I hadn't even placed in clicks or referrals this month and I almost died.
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  9. Congrats! I will join the steam group, you'll know me when you see the pic.
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  10. Congrats to all the winners!
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  11. Congratulations, everyone! Empire Minecraft is full of hard workers and that's what makes the community so special. :)
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  12. Whooho! Congratulations to everyone ^_^ I can't wait to see what everyone one made! I'm excited ^o^ looking forward to the forthcoming threads. Thanks for all the hard work Krysyy and all who entered!
  13. Lots of stuff being done. Thank you for all the hard work!
  14. Oh... oh god, it's... it's just... staring at me...

    Please... please no! I... I won't do it! I won't obey! No... NO!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  15. So freaking happy for my pal Equlivern winning the wallpaper contest!!!! Good job buddy!!!
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  16. Congrate new contributers, and winners!
    And awesome news all around :)
  17. Great job to the contest winners! Thanks for these awesome changes!
  18. Congrats to khixan. She's the bomb for design! Just don't overwork her, people. She has a hard time saying no. LOL
  19. Congrats to all of the winners of all contests! Lots of changes in the past month and many more to come, thanks for the update Kyrsyy! :) Congrats also to all new team members!
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  20. congratulations to the winners :D
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