Empire Community Appreciation Awards: January - June 2015

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. EMC Community Appreciation Award Nominations for the period of January 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015 are now open! Nominations close July 31st.

    Nominate someone now at: emc.gs/nominate or click HERE!

    What is this Award?

    How it works
    • Each "round" has a span of 6 months, more or less. During this time players can build up their respect in the community, skills and just generally help out EMC.
    • Players can nominate those that have proved to be what we're looking for at the end of the round to put them up to win a rupees prize and a unique EMC item.
    • The players with nominations are then looked at by the staff and whoever deserves the awards will win them (2-4 players).
    • Prizes: Special awards and 10,000r to a random nominator.
    How you can earn respect and possibly be nominated in future rounds
    • Being polite, respectful and well mannered
    • Involving yourself in the community
      • Thoughtful and attentive posts on the forums
      • Suggesting what you consider to be good ideas
      • Contributing to and creating discussions and debates - being respectful whilst doing so.
    • Helping all players, new and old, banned and active.
    • Showing inituative and organising fun, well planned events and contests
    • Helping promote/others promote EMC
    Spamming the forums, donating/giving away rupees, being active and the like, although it may win nominations, won't win you any awards. This is not a popularity contest. Asking people to nominate you or doing it for yourself will result in you being banned from any future appreciation rounds.
  2. I wasn't aware this was a staff thing I always thought Olaf handled this...
  3. That's a different award: I think Good Samaritan. The official Community Appreciation Awards have been running for a couple years now, every 6 months.
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  4. Yay

    Shouldn't it be July-December?
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  5. Ah, guess I never noticed. xD
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  6. It's players that were good community members between January 1 and June 30. Unless you can see into the future, it's correct =P
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  7. Ohh, I see now, thanks.
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  8. Has it been six months already? :confused: My, my, 2015, you have gone by quickly.

    As Krysyy said, that's GSA. :) There are a few major contests like this that go on occasionally:
    • Good Samaritan Award (GSA), Olaf_C - An award run purely by players, this award recognizes players who help those in need, even if their only reward is a thank you.
    • Community Appreciation Award (CA), Krysyy/EMC - This award (based in this thread) runs every six months to give some players a chance to be recognized for their effort in the community.
    • Creative, Respected, and Favorite Tribute Awards (CRAFTAs), AlexChance - A variety of awards that recognize the players in a wide variety of categories, including best redstone, cutest EMC couple, and best outpost.
    EDIT: Made my nominations. :) Good luck to all! I wish I could do more than two; so many people out there deserve this. :)
  9. Two thousand and fifteen - the fastest year ever.

    I'm glad this is back!
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  10. Awesome krysyy :D
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  11. Just nominated two very good people.
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  12. Was one me ww2?
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  13. I don't find this post necessary, and I also find it rather rude.
  14. Rude?
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  15. I mean not for people to start flaming over a single post, so I will leave it simply for now - it's enclosing information that people may or may not be reluctant to disclose publicly.
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  16. It was a joke, Caden. A joke, remember? What we USED to have on EMC? I know I'm never winning this award, after the flame war I started on the forums.
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  17. Ah. If it was a joke, then please excuse my seriousness over it. =P I tend to take certain posts seriously under conext (however I will still laugh at a "yo mama" joke, so I couldn't possibly be that serious. ;))
  18. I feel the same way!
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  19. Would it be allowed if I voted for two people on my main account and then two different people on my alt account? I have a couple people in mind :p
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