Empire Minecraft is still 1.9.4 - 1.10 client is now supported

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. We now support 1.10 clients, but we do not have 1.10 features. The server is still 1.9.4
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  2. *waits*
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  3. First: What?!

    *looks it up* 1.9 just got released and now they are releasing 1.10??? This is so strange. Lots more for Aikar :(
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  4. I feel bad for the developer team, just when they fix the 1.9 bugs, Mojang gives them 1.10 bugs to deal with. Good luck to you Aikar and the other developers! We know you can do it :D
  5. I ... but we ...

    EDIT: Does this mean anti-griefing and new frontier spawns are being shelved again?
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  6. I hope not I'd rather have this than auto jump... -_-
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  7. I agree completely. Protection would be preferred.

    On a side note, End Stone Bricks have been re-added but only produce 1 instead of 4. Race you to the End?
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  8. good thing is the plugin were using for all 1.9 support just added 1.10 support ,so when i get off work ill get that updated tonight.
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  9. Holy crap really?!
    (Mojang finally helped out all the major servers update over to 1.10 that is a first .-.)

    Question, will the wastelands reset as well?
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  10. I first thought this is a bad joke...
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  11. what do you mean mojang? Im talking about protocol support. server will still be 1.9, just allow 1.10 clients to connect.

    Waste wont reset for this protocol update, but we likely will for the actual 1.10 update since a major part of the wastelands is to ensure you can explore the latest world generation, and rather not have segmented wastelands
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  12. What Aikar's doing (hopefully) tonight doesn't actually update the server to 1.10, it just allows 1.10 clients to connect to the 1.9 server.

    EDIT: Ninja'd
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  13. So this is just a protocol update like the 1.7/1.8 protocol, I thought you were able to change over to 1.10 already my bad xD
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  14. Honestly, Mojang shouldn't have released this update until it actually had more content. I don't really find 1 new mob (Because retexturing existing mobs doesn't count), 4 new blocks, etc. to be worth more than a 1.9.5. I get they're trying to appease people who want updates faster, but as they say, quality over quantity. I'll take 1 feature-packed update a year than 12 updates that add a handful of not really interesting things and force servers to spend ages trying to update.
  15. Haha
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  16. That was quick...
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  17. Yes good point indeed!
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