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  1. I have no issues with the normal dc rules but can the:
    Parrot Eggs Parrot eggs can be auctioned off in with a minimum quantity of 1 stack (64).
    ...be extended to all non-breeding animals? EG: Bats, squid, polar bears and any other future "Egged" creatures.
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  2. What does the 'bump' mean?
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  3. Bring Up My Post.

    It's basically a post with the sole intention of getting your thread on top of the recent threads list, so more people will notice it.
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  4. Clever.
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  5. whats "not special dirt" supposed to mean?
    what is a bonus chest?
  6. Not Special Dirt was an April Fool's promo where players could claim renamed dirt called "Not Special Dirt". It's not considered a promo since players can make it themselves by renaming dirt to Not Special Dirt, so it still counts as a normal block

    Bonus chests were awards from some scavenger hunts that sometimes happen during holidays, and they give a random item or collection of items when you open them. Since there's no way to know what you'll get from them, they can't really have a set value and can't be auctioned.
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  7. Not so special dirt was made by Chin I think and it’s just like regular dirt nothing different.
    Also bonus chest are in special events, for example one time last year we had a Easter hunt and we had to collect bonus chests, the point I’m tryinf to make is that bonus chest have rare loot in them.
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  8. I thought chin made’chin Dirt’ I don’t think I’ve seen special dirt.
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  9. So I was wrong about it being an April Fool's joke, but it was released as a joke promotional item in December 2013 (Right around the time Sach joined)
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  10. A literal chest which you could obtain and when 'used' (right click) it would give you some somewhat randomish items. From promos to some stacks of obsidian. See also its wiki page.

    True, but this story goes a bit further than that.

    Any trading with bonus chests at all is strictly against the rules (forbidden), so no buying, selling, trading and which obviously includes auctions. The reason for that is because there is a little trick to find out their contents. Not an easy one, but still doable in some cases.

    So theoretically it would be possible for someone to sell you a bonus chest which may give you the impression that there's always a chance for some promo to pop out. While the seller is secretly fully aware that the contents can be nothing else than obsidian. In other words: this would allow a player to sell some obsidian for a much higher price than it's actually worth, very close to plain scamming.

    These days you won't encounter bonus chests easily anymore though, with all current events you no longer get the chest itself but when you right click on one to claim it you'll get the items instead.
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  11. It was made by Aikar good old mumble conversations
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  12. How do I close my auction?
  13. Click the 'report' button and state that you would like it closed.
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  14. Hi, I have an auction that someone bid '300k' on, which is a lot more than any previous bids. Due to this, no one else bidded, as expected, but they told me after the auction closed that they only ment 300, and they had put a typerror. What are the rules regarding typeo bids?
  15. I've sent you a pm
  16. What's auction tampering?
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  17. I believe it is when a main account and an alt account of that same person bid on an auction.
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  18. I asked staff to fix the quote and it got changed, but it still doesn't work. :p
    I suppose so. What is the issue with that?
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  19. say I run a auction then I use my alt to bid up the price it is not fair to the people bidding.
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