Empire 1.11.2 Update!

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  1. The Empire updates to 1.11.2!

    It's been a long time since we've done a major update, coming from 1.9.4! We held back the 1.10 update to finish Anti Grief. Then once 1.10 progress started, 1.11 was announced to be soon... so we waited.

    Needless to say, the Empire is very special when it comes to updates as we have LOTS of modifications to the core server software, and we also prefer to get things 'perfect'.

    This is also the time we do major restructurings and code changes.

    But all of that is done, and we are finally updating!

    This update brings all of Vanilla Minecraft 1.10 and 1.11(.2) changes to the game to Empire Minecraft

    Notable Changes:
    1.10: Polar Bears, Fossils, Stray, Husks, Magma/Bone/Red Netherbrick Blocks
    1.11: Woodlands Mansion (Structure with Boss Mob), Elytra Firework Boosting, Llamas, Cursed Enchantments, Illagers, Observer (BUD) Block, Exploration Maps, Shulker Boxes, Totem of Undying, Fishing, Furnace Fuel Changes

    Notable Changes to the Empire from Vanilla
    • The biggest change is Treasure Maps. In Vanilla, A treasure map searches for a structure based on the villagers location, and then the map will never change.

      Considering most of our players would have their villagers in Town, this is an issue.

      We revamped the entire Treasure Map process to make it much better than Vanilla.

      Upon unlocking Treasure Maps in a villager, it will give you a "Pending" Map.

      These maps can even be vaulted or sold. You can then go the Wastelands or Frontier and use the map to find

      If it can not find a structure to generate a map for nearby, the item will not be consumed.

      Due to their improved behavior over vanilla, the emerald cost has been increased.
    • You are NOT able to vault or mail shulker boxes. More is being done with these and we didn't want to make them hold up the update while we figure out the logistics.

      Vaulting/Mailing Shulker Boxes with items in them will likely never happen, but we will look into allowing them if empty.
    • Entity cramming is TEMPORARILY suspended. We plan to give a detailed warning for all players to fix their currently crammed animals before we go about allowing the system to auto-kill them.
    • The use of Totems of Undying are not able to be used in Town. Nice try Mob Arena guys/gals, but you aren't getting away with it ;)
    • Curse of Binding Items are not able to be shot from Dispensers.
    Other new changes
    • New Player Settings: Ability to Block receiving rupees and mail. You may find these under MISC.
    • Bug Fixes
    • Residence Flag fish:entity has became pullentity as a separate flag so that giving people fish does not give them pull permissions. This flag will auto convert for you.
    • Vault alias limit raised from 12 to 18
    • Using a vault voucher before claiming your first vault will no longer waste the voucher
    • Entities will no longer ignite when the attack is cancelled (outposts)
    • Horses will no longer be exterminated when summing them on a Residence at max ent count.
    • Enraged/MiniBosses will no longer try to run to water when on fire (when they were immune anyways)
    • AI improved when monsters are in water in order to get out of the water
    • When Eggifying Chested Horses, the chest will now drop instead of disappearing.
    • Eye of Enders now warn if the target is more than 5k away in the Frontier.
    • Reports that appear to be related to Scamming are blocked, informing player to send more information
    • When staff force join players to group, you wont be spammed about joining group when you're already in it
    • Enraged/MiniBosses will no longer get in boats (they ignored minecarts already)
    • Dispose Chest will no longer ask for confirmation if it was empty
    • Anti Grief will now merge ownership of combining blocks slabs, and disallow placing a slab if you dont have permission to break the other half.
  2. Huge props to the devs on this update. They've put in a LOT of work over this holiday to try to bring this to the community before 2017. Now things will LIKELY have issues, and they will work to fix them as soon as they can. Please be patient with the fixes and report any erratic behavior that you may see.

    Wastelands will be reset in the next few moments.

    Frontier additional spawns (4 each server) will be available in just over a week. This allows for some bug-fixing time before we encourage the exploration of these new world items in a place we can't just hit a reset button on.
  3. 25% happy 75% not really
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  4. Wow, super excited to get out there and try out some new features! Thanks to all you Developers for your hard work. :D

    And thank you to the design gods for that header; my oh my, that thing is fine...
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  5. boats are unbreakable
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  6. Now time to use all that stuff I left in my vault...
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  7. boats should be fixed now, we had to disable vaults for now to fix a bug where spawn eggs were getting corrupted in vaults.
  8. went to fight the dragon... crashed. hope it's just client side, lol.
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  9. rather, it was fine until it shot at me. then i crashed :p
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  10. Oh well. At least EMC made it to 1.11.
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  11. Thank you Aikar!
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  12. Thanks for the update Aikar and Devs :)
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  13. I'm unable to trade with the new villager type.
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  14. Enderman heads are broken. (minor)
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  15. According to the Minecraft Wiki. The nitwit villager (green one) is not able to trade. So that is vanilla behavior.
  16. Gg dev team :D
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