EMC's Day of Equality (and a Giveaway)

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  1. Woot! Can’t wait for the drawing!
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  2. Same
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  3. Impatience rewards none. :p I'm still waiting for a lot of things but i am patient.. (Not referring to EMC)
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  4. But we (or at least most of us) live in a post-modern society, so wasn't a lot of post-modernism to be expected? :p Especially on a topic like this, I suppose.
    But actually, I wasn't struck by any posts being particularly post-modernistic. Perhaps I just looked past it, however.
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  5. Just wanted to add... Cant be all serious..

    Equality is like a whale... And a bowl of petunias, falling from a great height to thus land at the same moment.
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  6. Equality is the ability for us all to enjoy a game we love, and not be harassed. To have somewhere truly safe, where we can be left alone if we ask.
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  7. I love how this is over yet people are still adding on...
  8. That's equality, we also accept people who are late, or want to say more equality things. ;)
  9. I will send out the prizes tomorrow because I made the horrid mistake of actually looking at the time and I have to wake up in 6 hours for work (which means I need to actually go to sleep in order to not be a zombie tomorrow) :D

    Alas, here are the winners from the random drawing. There were 40 because of my love for rounding up when I'm too lazy to do math. :p Each of the winners had a random shot at 1 of 8 prizes. My d8 dice clearly is a fan of beheading me, and considering that my head was (1), that particular dice is going in the back of the drawer...

    KnightZer0ne - 3k
    Black_Knight43 - vault voucher
    Gigafactory - krysyy head
    Gianluca99star - 3k
    Raaynn - 5k
    bitemenow15 - vault voucher
    iCrazyEvestar - krysyy head
    jesseqw - 7k
    Ch33zus - 3k
    luckycordel - krysyy head
    benthebobjr - 5k
    IceCreamMan12 - krysyy head
    Hasorko - 15k
    MoeMacZap - stable voucher
    Czarina_Julie - krysyy head
    Faithcaster - 3k
    YaBoiLottie - stable voucher
    Tuqueque - 7k
    Gawadrolt - 5k
    cTJx - 7k
    ColPun - 7k
    NoxSilvam - 15k
    Deadmaster98 - stable voucher
    padde73 - 3k
    Harp4Christ - 7k
    TheBidule - 15k
    AmusedStew - krysyy head
    AnonReturns - 7k
    DarkModFallen - krysyy head
    ChespinLover77 - 10k
    MrAdahazi - vault voucher
    fBuilderS - 7k
    Bluehavoc13 - 7k
    Keliris - 15k
    mastermarcx - 15k
    xSkitzie - krysyy head
    ConductorConduit - 3k
    Echelon815 - 15k
    IronicSwordPlay - stable voucher
    Hashhog - 10k
  10. This is as bad as Aikar Economy Destroying DP.... Also congratulations to all the winners!
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  11. Thanks for hosting!
  12. Congrats to everyone that won something!
    Nothing's as bad as the Economy Destroying Drop Party
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  13. yeah lol wasnt that the one where eggnog was dropped? nothing is as bad as that lol
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  14. Congratulations to all who won.
    Could we perhaps do an unofficial contest of who thought that so and so's comments were great? I saw a few in here that weren't in the drawing that were pretty good... No prizes, just... honorable mentions chosen by community?
  15. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again for hosting the event! :)
  16. A nice idea, but I think that shouldn't be done, further than just liking the posts. It might cause negative feelings for some people. (not sure how to explain)
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  17. Congratulations to all who won :)
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  18. First time winner here! And it's a krys head!! I'm so excited that Die rolled 1's
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  19. I'm Happy with this because in needed another stable. :D
  20. Haha..yes. And apparently Kryssy is an eight-headed Hydra Dragon! (At minimum)

    Thanks for the great thread Kryssy
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