EMC's Day of Equality (and a Giveaway)

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  1. Equality means to me that everyone should have the same fair chance at something, and shouldn't treated differently depending on their race/religion/sexuallity/etc.
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  2. Equality is simply like this thread. Anyone here can read it... And make a post if they wish. They will all be treated equally... With the same opportunity to win. From here you all look equal to me... Unique but equal.

    Except for maybe Aikar who is just a little bit more equal ... :)
  3. Equality to me is treating everyone with the same respect and kindness. I never saw that how we look, what our gender, sexuality, race, or anything as a reason to treat each other different from the next person. We all have families and friends and we all feel the same emotions. We all matter as much as the next person.
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  4. Equality to me means that a person in this world never has to think about if he or she will be judged when they step outside. They don't need to worry about if they are black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Aethiest, or anything in between. That's my definition of equality.

    MLK dreamed of a world in which a little brown boy and a white girl can hold hands in peace, and we are near to accomplishing that across the world. I dream that there will be a world where anyone regardless of gender, race, religion, or anything, can hold hands in peace and be kind to one another.I dream of a world of equality.

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  5. Very nice. I like your contributions to threads like these - simple, upright, and honest.
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  6. Equality is the ability to see beyond the differences that everyone has and treating everyone according to the golden rule: as you would want to be treated.
  7. Being a veteran and seeing countries that have absolutely no equality, I.E. equality of sexes, equality of pay, literally nothing. I see equality as being fair and just to everyone. No matter where or who they are, their background, nothing. None of that matters. All that matters is you being you. Equality is about being able to stand up for what you believe in even if you're the only one standing, and not being persecuted for it. Equality gives you the right to do what America believes in. Being whatever you want to be. The sky is not the limit, for there is no limit on how great you can be. Be proud we have equality! Be proud to be an American. Trust me, not all countries have what we have and take for granted everyday.
  8. To me, equality is a thing we want, but keep pushing away. Every time we take one step forward, we move two steps back. Sometimes this is due to people still promoting inequality, while other times, it's the very people who want equality believing they're more equal. If we ever wish to have equality, we all need to put aside our differences, we need to learn tolerance, and everyone needs to listen. Listen, so they may understand why people think these things, and see if it's truly wrong or if they can change it.
  9. "Equality" is being able to quit a job where the "bro-grammer" culture was rampant, hostile, and repugnant. I lost a crap ton of money, and make no mistake, that HURTS. Sometimes, you have bite the bullet when you encounter the ugly "-isms" that are anything BUT equality.

    Now I work at a great place where no one gives a crap that I'm the only woman on the team. I'm happy to be judged on my skills and the quality of my work. Work is fun again, and something I look forward to :)

    Never accept platitudes from a company who preaches equality and diversity, but in reality, wants neither.
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  10. Equality is understanding that you are never going to be able to fully understand another person's experience in life but that you must make the effort to do so anyway.
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  11. Equality means Canada. My leader feels that all countries share equal value in our world no matter sex race or religion.
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  12. Alright, there are a bunch of responses but I'll share mine.

    Equality is more or less respect to one another. Different backgrounds or not, we are all human beings. However, people are getting this term way wrong lately over a simple task of respecting the fellow men & women. A little rant, just because you are all different colors and or the different sex... People will have a different opinion on how things should be, the opposers you face aren't suppressing you, they are from a different background. That is where respect comes into play, got to accept that factor on both sides. ;)
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  13. Equality to me is to treat everyone as your neighbor, with kindness and respect, no matter what their gender, age, race, religion, politic view, etc. is. Everyone deserves to be treated equal by others, as we are all people :)
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  14. Social equality is the understanding that everyone has fundamental rights as people.
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  15. Equality does not mean that all people are worth the same. It does not mean that there is no such thing as a stupid opinion or that everyone's every thought is "valid." Equality means that regardless of whether one's opinion is well-thought or poor, they have the same opportunity to say it, and people are just as willing to listen and consider it before casting their judgment. We cannot control our biological statistics and make-ups, only who we are... just a fancy way of repeating King, that we will be "judged by the content of our character."

    Equality means that we all get to sing our song, and are judged not by how the words sound but rather by what they mean.
  16. Equality is the equal opportunity for all individuals to succeed, for every individual to be able to live life freely and set goals without influence from prejudice and ultimately without social constructs
  17. To me, equality comes in all different types. Equality of outcome, I believe, dominates over the rest. Instead of commenting about sex, gender, race, religious beliefs, I believe that equality is about someone being able to forge their own path. Everyone will have obstacles- and until those obstacles are no longer directly orientated at a certain person by another person for how they act, look like or what they believe in( equality is not achieved. Martin Luther King jr did what he could do; who’s next?
  18. Equality is the premise that all people are of equal importance. Not that we are all the same, but that we all carry the same potential for love, compassion, importance, influence, and impact. We all carry the same obligations of kindness, integrity, contribution, and civility. That all of our dreams are worth pursuing. May you all feel as equally important as your fellow man/woman; may you all feel as much of a part of our community as equally as both your neighbors and strangers.

    And on a note of levity, may the RNG be confused and choose all of you!

  19. To me, equality means that someone or something is equal. Without regard to any differences, everyone has something in common, and that brings everyone together in harmony. :D
  20. In my opinion, equality is to take care and act different to other people by the way they take care and act to you.