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Discussion in 'Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods' started by d1223m, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Message from chickeneeer:

    Locking this thread due to it being outdated; but keeping it here due to its historical importance in EMC history :p

    Hello Miners,

    This is the first preview of what was my chat mod and is the start of a new UI mod for EMC I am working on. As this is the first version there is almost certainly plenty of bugs so dont download it unless your confident installing ( and uninstalling! ) mods.

    You should be aware of the following before installing this mod:
    * it will probably break chatting on other servers
    * it may not work and crash your minecraft
    * you should always be aware of downloading software from people on the internet - who knows what code it contains!
    * some features of standard Minecraft chat maybe missing - specifically I know of the following:
    * clicking on web links
    * probably more - tell me!

    If your still willing to give this a try you should follow the normal installation for any mod. You will need to install modloader first, then Optifine ( if you use it ), then this mod.

    All the complicated commands and setup are gone from my last chat mod - just connect to an EMC server and start chatting! Hopefully its all pretty obvious.

    What I would like from you:
    * feedback - "this is good/bad", "you should add x/y/z" etc ( though please keep them sensible )
    * bug reports - preferably with steps to reproduce the bug

    Please try and stay on topic or your posts may disappear.

    <EDIT> latest version is attached to this post: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-ui-mod-preview-release-1.6577/page-4#post-92053

    *This User does not receive any profit or sponsor the Mirrored Links in this post to AdFly sites*

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  2. So what does it do? Sorry if you've stated before.. I'm out of the loop. :confused:
  3. i will be sure to check it out soon :D will edit this post when i review it :p
  4. DUDE! All i can say is... *applause*

    This is amazing. I love the multiple /tell tabs.. that alone is awesome. I love that it separates the D/C, joined messages that sorts it out real nice.

    It does seem that the tabs are a little sensitive sometimes, but other than that, it works pretty well.
  5. Twitch1 here to report on your mod:
    Wahhh it brodek m iminceraft....

    Just kidding. I am stress testing it right now. :) I will let you know what it breaks and hates before I include this in my Acceptable EMC MODs list. :)
  6. quick noticable thing, maybe something that recognises that a player has disconnected? so that way im not typing my heart out into a PM tab and realise that everything is going into town chat -_-

    also.. and this may just be my preference.. but scrolling.. i miss it already.
  7. lmao
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  8. Well, besides removing ever so important scrolling, I like it so far. It doesn't break any of my current mods and it makes things much more manageable.

    However, I do have one complaint so far...
    Y No WrKz 4 n0 k3z 4 mI c@r?!? I w@nt NAO!!!
  9. 1 bug report. It breaks HD fonts provided by Optifine.

    One thing I would like is an option to combine the chat/local tabs into a single tab, but leave the multiple PM tabs available.
  10. *Moved to new and proper home for your mod. This will be acceptable at all times. :)
    I love it so far. It does remove HD Fonts from OptiFine and there is no scrolling through chat history, but that is acceptable considering the benefits of this program.
    Keep up the good work d1223m and when you feel this is up-to-par, I will make an official layout thread like the others. :)
  11. Overall, I enjoy this, I love that it moves the d/c messages the most. Biggest thing I dis like so far.. My inability to scroll.. but i am sure a fix for that can be implemented later. I think Kick messages should still show up in town chat if possible or something like that. Because I kicked someone, and was like.. whoa.. did they not get kicked... i guess i could get used to clicking / but it just takes time :3
  12. Maybe an option to combine the town, local and / tabs would be good too. I like seeing everything as it is on vanilla, and I would rather keep it that way, to be honest. But the PM tabs are a very nice addition, and would love to keep them. However, as mentioned before, if the person you're talking to disconnects, some way to notice that in the PM tabs would be nice too.
  13. Like i noticed town chat blink red for some reason.. I dont know why it did.. but it did. so maybe someway to make the PM box blink red when the person leaves would be nice.
  14. You must also install Rei's Minimap before this one, if you hard code the mod otherwise Minecraft will crash if you put Rei's Minimap in after this EMC UI because they both modify aiy.class but EMC UI depends on the included aiy.class file...
  15. Yay! Lots of feedback! I dont know what broke - EMC emails or gmail but Iv been sitting here for 2 hours waiting for a reply notification email in my gmail and none came. I only saw all the replies because I checked the forum recent threads. So "woop!" thanks everyone for trying it and leaving feedback!

    I shall now attempt to reply to you all...

    How do you mean sensitive?

    Excellent suggestion! Definitely next version.

    This was a massive over-sight on my behalf - it will be back next version. Most of my testing involves me talking to myself on stage ( an EMC test server for those that dont know ) and Iv not really had the need to scroll up/down to see my own gibberish :D

    I can either force this to town chat or to the current tab your in - some messages already appear in the "current tab" ( like the /r command will show the result in whatever tab you have open at the time ). Both dont quite seem correct to me atm... perhaps there is a 3rd option....

    This is definitely something thats possible but may have to wait a while for me to add an options screen :)

    Town/Local/Supporter/Moderator tabs will blink red if your name was mentioned and the line where your name was mentioned will get a faint red background. This is specifically for mods where people may ask for you in town chat but its pretty usefull all around I think.

    I will have to look into this - its almost certainly fixable, I think I made a small change to the FontRenderer class which OptiFine must also be overwriting.

    Thank you again everyone who tried it and replied! Also thanks to our Mod Mod: Twitch! @Twitch: I almost posted this in the acceptable mods forum but thought that was a bit cheeky - thanks for providing the new home!
  16. :( seems epic but i cant use it because modloader will NEVER download on my computer for some reason. :(
  17. Mystery solved - gmail thought it was spam :(
  18. by sensitive i mean it seems like sometimes i can not click a tab right away. I have to wait a moment or click twice for the UI to react. Its no big deal...
  19. Kick&Ban messages should go to all tabs. There's a reason they are broadcast to everyone---to educate.
  20. broadcasts as well i just find out should be in all channels..
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