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  1. Hey everyone!

    We've started to create a CTM map, which we will throw on some of the popular map download sites, like MinecraftForum, and try and get fans for, which we will use to give EMC some leads. We have a pretty strong map building team already and idea team, and we want to throw some more of EMC into it.

    For those that don't know, CTM is an adventure map, where you have to travel through very dangerous locations with TONS of dangerous mobs, and usually has custom mobs/items/weapons (nothing TO crazy, but stuff available with MCEdit). It's made downloadable and playable by anybody without the need of any outside mods. In your travels you find various chests which has different colored wools in each one. The wools are like a "trophy". At one point in the map, there is a "monument" which the wools go to. There are usually 16-25 trophy spots to fill (other blocks are added at times, like iron/gold/diamond blocks, etc.).

    Well, we would like your crazy ideas for custom items, mobs, and weapons for us to create and add to the map. Our map will have 8 different "worlds" to get the wools from and each world will have it's own subzones. Each subzone will be filled with lots of hidden spawners in the walls and floors, etc.

    We will try and take as many of the possible ideas you guys come up with and throw in hidden shoutouts in the maps to the ideas we use. For example if "PlayerA" suggests and awesome sword, you might see the "PlayerA Blade" from one of our mob drops.

    Thanks ahead of time for your ideas!
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  2. All of the enraged mobs! :D

    I'll try and think of more ideas. Maybe make it a bit like the EMC wild.
  3. I suggest having little Mini-bosses in there. Possibly some Momentus's and Marlix's along with some enraged mobs.
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  4. That sounds excellent! It will have advertising for EMC on it I assume?
  5. The "main" people working on this right now, are myself, ismooch, tehspiders, and Deathtomb8953 and jack breaks stuff. We can try and replicate the EMC mobs as much as we can, though it might not be EXACT, as a lot of them are hardcoded special EMC sauce stuff from Aikar and can't be made with just MCEdit. :)
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  6. How about a blaze rod/stick that that can call down lightning?
  7. Subtly. We'll be releasing it under the OBAMGaming brand, and hoping it gets popular, we will be using our map "fan base" to introduce them to EMC. It's better with things like that to not force things at people with the SOLE purpose of advertising a server or something as they're more likely to come check us out if they know it's not the only purpose for us making things for them. :)
  8. You are obliged to add a Voltian Bucket of Lava Walling. Would it be possible to give a short fire resistance buff to the player when it's used?
  9. Hey guys, to make this a little bit better to understand what we need.

    Try going a long with a format.

    We need multiple pieces of armor and multiple swords/bows etc.

    So Try something along the lines of this :

    Name: Smooch's Sassy Blade (Color Pink)
    Special Attributes: Attack Damage 20, Fire Aspect V, Unbr X, Knockback -1 (for hugging)
    Lore: 'Only those with the true power of sass can bravely wield this mighty blade' (color blue/ in italics)
  10. Name: Smooch's Sassy Blade (Color Pink)
    Special Attributes: Attack Damage 20, Fire Aspect V, Unbr X, Knockback -1 (for hugging)
    Lore: 'Only those with the true power of sass can bravely wield this mighty blade' (color blue/ in italics)
  11. gawd, am I really that predictable? D;
  12. How about the Haro's Bomb (renamed apple lol) that when eaten gives you full health and kills all mobs in a 10 block radius of you?
  13. Well now that you've said it, this has to be put in.

    I'll try to think of some stuff \o3o/
    This sounds like RPG Stuff which is always fun.
  14. Why not have it so everyone is defaulted with their own custom lored item - and if you die, someone else can pick it up - but when you die you don't respawn with your items? - To be able to survive after dying you'd either have to craft more items, or find a random chest somewhere with loot inside.
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  15. Most adventure maps I have played, you didn't lose your stuff when you died. I don't know if that was in the code for the map or if the person running it turned that off. I and I'm sure others absolutely hate losing stuff when we die because we took the time to actually get it. I'd hate to lose all the stuff I worked for and have to run to catch up with friends in the middle of a bunch of mobs and have to craft my stuff that can be worse than what I had. You don't lose your stuff when you die in any other game I have played other than Terraria and that depends on game mode, Minecraft is the first.
  16. Minner's pants (just renamed leather pants)
    named after the pants theminner333 wears on smp2
  17. Item: Bow
    Name: Chicken Nuggets
    Attribute: Shoot out chicken eggs/regular eggs (No damage) <- But that's really up to you
    Lore: You wan't fries with that?

    This item can bring some humor in it and also a source for food.
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  18. Champ4now's Rich guy blade
    (its a gold sword)
    enchants: unbreak -20 (or whatever makes a gold sword last one hit (this sword only lasts one hit but...) and the enchants to do this lore
    lore: it may have only 1 use but will instantly kill anything hits
  19. Item: Diamond boots ( or any other )
    Name: Road Runner
    Attribute: Speed + 50 (idk how fast that would make it but you could adjust it)
    Lore: "Meep Meep"