EMC Remembrance...

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  1. Also, RIP Butters :(
  2. He had cheap logs on his res on smp9! (or his friend's shop)
  3. FatherBraver! I really never understood that dude, but he helped me a lot 430 days ago when I first joined smp4! Still comes on now and then. Oh and KingRager I believe. Geez that dude was crazy miss the old smp 4 days a ton when I was a noob at minecraft :p
  4. Man smp4 when chick was an off and on iron supporter xD
  5. I have a few. Bluebl1, ShawnZup, and pikminboy111. They once had biospheres or a plan to build one. Rest in peace.
    Also, pilotcat and Camdenmil, who rarely log on (they are iron supporters).
    All five were people I knew in real life, who may have been friends with me in the distant past.
  6. yea my friend that joined emc with me, doesn't play mc that often anymore :(
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  7. Seclaw was a great mining buddy and friend. Will never see him again. :(
  8. themoose216 still plays but rarely.
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  9. Epix900 he died in griefing
  10. Gemrawke and Shrtkatk
    I miss them, one of my first and best friends.

    First friend was TheController
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  11. annab3107. Still no idea why she was banned.
  12. Stealing, according to /p
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  13. D: You! You were awesome1 :D Then you went MIA only a few weeks after I joined...
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  14. Apamment! You're alive! What happened to your jester wool art and epic Utopia castle ??? Where did you go? Are you back for good :D?
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  15. Matstar101... Great guy but succumbed to hacks.
    Then andrewbuchinger and al, the old SMP2 vets.

    Kingrager was cool :)
  16. Well uh, I had this good guy that payed me for harvesting sugarcane on smp6 when I was a newbie... Don't remember his name anymore though... Hmm..
  17. Herbrin3, he had a great shop on EMC and was always helping others. He even helped me when I suffered a glitch that made ocelots and cats invisible. Then he left because of the huge bugs that we had late last year.
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  18. Bugmo1207 and Topdawg657 just because I liked minecrafting with them

    and not Herbrin3, he was too combative
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  19. Calvono :(, Tarka_The_Otter ( it still plays but not with me anymore :(),
  20. I am sure that a Mausoleum To the Departed would be too much to ask ever since the staff stopped updating the Graveyard.