EMC Remembrance...

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  1. Electrobomb, Adderwolf... recent losses. :( Hopefully they come back one day.
  2. People of smp7, Belugh, melodytune, mogrimoogle and my first friend on EMC, michael102
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  3. Justinguy...may he come back one day.
  4. Jimbosomething64 <\3

    I do miss pateraterick he was such a good friend on smp2 :\
  5. I miss SillyWhiteMage, she was always there on the forums. I can still remember her insightful comments and unique humor...
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  6. Copherfield. yes, I know people hate him, but his leadership of the delta team and general awesomeness (from my viewpoint) is something to be remembered, even though all contact was lost with him over a year ago.
  7. Tinkerbell28, ob1bob69, and of course Kephras all left recently. *sigh* I will miss them.
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  8. Alexhuac and sanchezbayogonza. They almost never log in. We used to have so much fun building 4439 and going to the wild.
  9. magazi was on for two days straight over the weekend i think he is updating his shop
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  10. The Second Coming of JustinGuy, also known as EMC Apocalypse
  11. irl - Gamerzilla2012 he was the one who actually introduced me to EMC, but now he never gets on...
  12. PThagaard was a great man, until he thought the better way of playing EMC was destruction.
  13. Southpark347 :(
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  14. I'm a zombie to EMC. I Thrive long after I was banned. (Ingame)
  15. waitwut... southpark left? >.<
  16. H is, yeah...
  17. Tylerzrockz, always used to turn my build perms on and off, never see tyler anymore, also h3rkaz01d, my cousin, I cant believe I gave him some stuff and then his res got reset, so not happy.
  18. I have relied on basically everyone, but these people stand out the most:
    Good thing is they all still get on every once in while. :)
  19. Southy Left us D: