EMC Remembrance...

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  1. This thread is about remembering long gone friends and things through out the empire...
    NOTE: I know some people are going to mention roblikescake, however if he, or copherfield/nfell2009 are brought up in this thread, do not hate on them, as that player remembered when he/she had fun with them. Thank You :)
  2. CNkilla187 and pengw7n.
    Two of my earliest friends.
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  3. puffernugget25. He was a really good friend.
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  4. SoulPunisher was a very great friend to have :( He might have disagreed with a lot of people, but he always knew how to have fun with friends.
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  5. Beaverbeliever and mogrimoogle, awesome guys and shop owners

    ninjastorm5201, my first real neighbor
  6. Although this post may not exactly relate to any thing said here, it's a remember when song that fits quite nicely here...
  7. A great IRL friend: quite_indeed. hasn't left technically, but her availability for Minecraft has become Nonexistant :(
  8. I never had the chance of meeting her.
  9. Rtardo, so many good memories of him, was a great guy, good heart and would always lend a helping hand when asked.
  10. RabidBunny Wont return. Pieawsome was a great friend. I miss him a ton.
    They all helped me with everything I needed. We did so many fun things together. I wish he returned :(
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  11. JediBrad. First friend on EMC. Taught me to plant melons so they would grow. :p He left EMC for unknown reasons.
  12. Buttros, Angel5150,RainbowDashier,Sephirothws and continuous other Smp5iers. Who started on Smp5 when it a newly open Smp but live moves on and we meet new members.
  13. I remember both their shops. :( The redstone Emporium and buttros's whatever-it-was called. Those were good days on SMP5 (been on 5 since day one (i believe)).
  14. I wonder how I would be remembered if I ever quit emc...
  15. JB photo yo. Haha, kidding. ;)
  16. That's not JB O_O That's me.... lolz.
    You said jk to much...
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  17. magazijnierk when he ran smp6's economy (still pops in periodically). and butters89 had a great shop too...can't remember which server though.
  18. All the people with grand plans in the very early days of SMP8.... Sagem4tt, Cod4Hoogie, Jmorris92, Yapzi, CasinoV, ObiwanJanobus, batttlekiller Etagkcab, that guy with the really tall tower, Never got to meet them personally but admired their builds so much. Alas!
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  19. dark_liz, fynriel, amadai, nnnnmc1 d1223m jackomighty lots of fun people who used to be around and don't seem to be anymore?
  20. My real life friends: miseryfe and nick_godoy (nick still goes on,but not often :/ [P.S. He got me in to this server])