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  1. I've been staring at the forums for the past 5 min. and couldn't decide where this should be posted. It was kinda early here, so thanks to the unknown moderator for helping by placing this in the right forum!

    This is me right now. In my favorite place; my storage below my house / shop. You can download my skin here.

    Here is the problem: I don't like parts of my skin. I want to keep my head / face (my face is a must because its also my avatar, the other areas (headphones) are open for change), my shorts (at least the light / white'ish part) and decided that I also don't want my skin to wear gloves.

    But I want a makeover with everything else. I have an idea but its very vague... I want my shirt to be more "redstone - ish" (because I love redstone) and if possible I'd also like my skin to have a bit more of an "EMC look" to it. Its simple; I only play on 1 Minecraft server. I do sometimes hop onto others (very sporadically) and when I do I like to have a skin which says "Hi, I'm from EMC" but... without overdoing it (my last skin (which I also really liked, I think I even used that when I came here) had the logo of my previous server on the shirt of my skin).

    Before you say "I can do that! Look at this", be aware... I am quite the nitpicker. When it comes to my skin details matter everything to me. So this might not be easy on you. You may very well risk me bugging you for days (but no longer than a week), maybe even up to a point where I could ask you to remove a feature and then one hour later to re-add it.

    So be warned... My skin is who I am and I do not change that on a whim. But I want my skin to reflect who I am and what I like most where Minecraft is concerned. Which, in this case, boils down to my favorite server (EMC) and my favorite material in-game: Redstone.

    I know this is vague. If you need more info; post here or ask me in private.

    Summing up:
    • My face needs to stay roughly the same because it's also my forum avatar.
    • The shorts need to stay too, but I wouldn't oppose color changes.
    • I'd like my shirt to get a bit of a "redstone" touch to it.
    • I'd also like my skin in general to get a bit of an EMC feel to it.
      • I don't mind if this ends up in the details. For example: you added a specific color because that's also often used on EMC. Stuff like that works for me.
    • You got until April 15th to work this out; I won't make a final decision before the 16th of April so that everyone can have a fair chance at it.
      • To avoid "first come first go" kind of scenario's, don't rush things!
      • Multiple entries are allowed.
      • The end date is April 17th. The closing date is set to 15 so if someone sends something in at that time I'll still have 1 day to check it out.
    • My original skin can be downloaded here.
      • I mostly play on MC 1.7 so I'm looking for the same type of skin (Steve).
    • I'll be testing some of the skins during the coming weeks (will only wear an entry for one day to see how it looks, check possible reactions, etc.).
    1. Diamond support voucher, see here for details on what it does.
    2. Pot of gold.
    3. Cupid bow and three Cupid arrows.

    I'm also adding in a surprise prize which I just came up with. But you'll find out about that one next week. I had to think hard about a good set of prizes but I think this makes a nice and fair prize pool.

    Once again I need to urge you to think hard before you take on this task: realize what you get yourself into. I will be quite the critic; and I have no problems with simply saying (in a friendly manner of course) that I don't really like your skin (in private obviously).

    My skin is my everything.

    Also note: I am not looking for a skin which can win skin competitions. With all due respect but those are the last thing I have in mind. I want a skin which suits me, which matches me and which I like. Hence the face & shorts part, because I can relate to that (sometimes).

    Good luck to all participants!
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  2. ..........................................
  3. Too much text to read? ;) I know I can be quite the poster essay writer at this time 8)

    (sorry, its late here)
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  4. I accept your challenge. *goes to sleep and forgets about this for a week*
  5. Pictures or it didn't happen ;)
  6. Trying to download your skin and it's different than in the picture. :confused:

    Also, do you want to keep the texturing design, with the sort of solid colours with outlines? Or is that something you want to change as well?
  7. Prob. my previous skin with the logo of that "other place".

    Ah ok, I was thinking you guys were making fun of me. Well, you are of course but.. oh well :p

    All I want is:
    • Keep the face (my forum avatar may not change).
    • Keep the shorts (preferably white'ish but I am open to better suited colors; but shorts it needs to be).
      • (I grin almost every time when people tell me I'm wearing underwear).
    • Add an "EMC feel" to it all.
    Those are the only requirements. And I know they're vague, its why I'm putting up a good prize to it all.
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  8. You can download my original / current skin here.
  9. I would try but it seems it would require effort. :/
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  10. Gosh forbid if you had to put effort into something >.>
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  11. I'll have a go - no promises that it'll look good though :p
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  12. I'll have a go. (I made my skin)
    Well, I made the head that only uses three colors, but it doesn't look bad!

    Also, I am pretty sure that you are wearing underwear, not shorts. :p
  13. I'm not getting into something like this again :p
    Last time I tried I was busy for hours, and it turned out terrible :rolleyes:
  14. Small bump but also a small update.

    I talked to some people about this and got a very good comment: "So what happens if someone else sends in an entry before I do? He gets picked, I waste my time, doesn't seem fair...". So I added an end date; I won't be making any final decisions before the 2nd of May, which means that you guys got 4 weeks to come up with something new.

    I also added a summary in my first post which contains all the (vague) requirements.
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  15. Can we add multiple entries? *licks lips hungrily*
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  16. By all means. In the end this is all about getting me a skin make-over which I like, so absolutely!

    Edit: I updated the summary and added this, thanks for your comment!
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  17. First try... I'll do more later. :p

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  18. Might as well throw this in here.
    Le Shelly Skin.png
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  19. Do you use 1.7 or 1.8 for your Minecraft version? And if 1.8, do you mind having an overlay on the arms, legs, and/or torso? Also if 1.8, do you mind having the arms and/or legs having different textures per limb?
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  20. Good call. I play 1.7 so its all about the previous Steve model. I updated the summary to include this as well.
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