Don't leave us, Dufne!

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  1. Dufne's 600th day is in six days. She quite an unusual way of celebrating: leaving. After much poking and prodding, she agreed to stay if we get 60 signatures on this petition. Stay with us, Dufne!

    She also threatened to cut off my fingers if I make a thread about this.
    I did it anyway.
    She's that special.

    Also, Seanawesome14 is paying anyone who signs this 2.5k until we get out 60.
  2. I thought I could leave peacefully ;-;
  3. Awesome. I hope we reach the goal! :)
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  5. To receive your payment I ask that you leave me a message on this forum post and I will send you the rupees! Thanks to all who signed! Just quote my post saying you'd like your rupees! I know some people don't want them, and I'd rather not give them to someone who doesn't want them.
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  6. I don't like to see anyone go ever, so posted. Also sean keep yo money! :)
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  7. Put #KeepDufne2K16 as your status :p
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  8. Done! :)
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  9. :O Nuu
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  10. Signed.
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  11. Where is the petition to make Doofne leave?
    Kidding. You will be missed, Doofni. I will never forget you.

    I remember when I first met Dufni, it was a while back.
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  12. The nub still can't spell my name :p
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  13. Signed! I'm declining the money, thanks though sean :)
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  14. We are over 2/3 of the way to keeping Dufne! :D
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  15. Is this where we sign? Dont go! And Sean you don't need to pay me, I want to sign.
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  16. No money pliz
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  17. I don't know her, I'm just SIGNING! because I want to see how you manage to play EMC with no fingers ;)
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  18. Not like it was forced :rolleyes:
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  19. Dufne... I will chop of your hands and feet so you cant leave us e.e i will give you your limbs back once we trust you not to leave us..
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