Do Not Update! 25/10/12 - 10/25/12

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  1. Whenever Mojang releases a new version of Minecraft you will be asked if you want to update when launching the game. We don't really know when these releases are coming so they could be at any moment. If you upgrade your game you will NOT be able to play on any EMC server until we finish upgrading. I say again DO NOT UPDATE if you want to play on EMC.

    Once a new update comes out we then have to wait for the new server version to come out. The talented Bukkit team then has to fix the server so it is actually usable. At this point we get it and we have to integrate it into the EMC platform. Once an update comes out we go into overdrive and our goal is to get out the update in a stable place ASAP.

    JustinGuy made the text I found the thread and CTRL + C + CTRL + V :D

    I Updated Now What?

    Just wait it out, if you signed in about 1-3 days after then your res wont be reset. If you find a tutorial on YouTube and downgrade that way it may be illegal. If you have your old minecraft.jar file then you can delete the new 1.4 one, with the old one. Please don't ask for help from the forums such as:
    Just search it, Google or YouTube.

    When Will EMC Update?!

    When its ready too and there is no problems with anything. Until then wait it out!
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  2. I already knew
  3. Wait theres an update tomorrow?
  4. Yup.

    But doesn't this get (automatically?) pinned to the homepage when an update comes out anyway? :confused:
  5. The Pretty Scary Update is a planned major update, labeled as 1.4.1, with an official release on Thursday, October 25, 2012.
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  6. Dunno but im doin it anyways :p
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  7. We have an actual thread for this, seems like your attention seeking by making this.
  8. they changed it
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  9. Wait, so they changed it from Halloween to the 25th? Because thats pretty much what your saying.
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  10. or maybe actually *GASP* trying to help people.

    last I checked, haloween was OCT 30, not OCT 24.
  11. Your onto me! :p
  12. Got it. Thanks!
  13. No Problem! Glad I could help :p
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  14. Or maybe *GASP* he was actually trying to grab attention and ICC and justinguy already have a thread about it.... Dun...Dun..Dunn..
  15. Or maybe *GASP* you're beginning to sound like you're attacking someone who's intentions are unknown, and probably isn't attention seeking as I have seen him here plenty of times before.
    Let's forget that what's above happened.
  16. Not to fuel this, but you are kind of doing the same thing..:p
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  17. Yeah, your right...
    Got caught up in the moment I guess...
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  18. I plea the 5th
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