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Does a flying perk fit in EMC?

Yes 27 vote(s) 30.0%
No 39 vote(s) 43.3%
Undecided 6 vote(s) 6.7%
My opinion about that is more complex than Yes / No 18 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. First of I'm not a fan of the polls, since many people miss use them, and I'm always biased seeing a poll post. I will still use it to have an easy overview about what you think about the flying perks.

    So what am I talking about?


    Though it doesnt hurt ME as long as it is on Utopia and also since I have no problem to pay for a diamond account (I actually paid 3 accounts at the same time for several month), I'm still against it.

    Especially since it is planned to do expand this to all servers temporarily.

    This is a rather short time, anyways I believe flying is something what belongs to creativ servers. It changes the way we build. All my projects are done in survival mode. I farmed the blocks and set them each and everyone with my barehands while having my feet on the ground. I dont want to go to deep in this argument, what I want to say in my eyes flying doesnt belong to EMC.

    Some res might be created so you cant reach spots with enderpearls, but flying enables it. People might take advantage of it.

    Tell me how you feel about it.

    Greetz Hasorko
  2. Only on town = Support
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  3. I think it's a bad idea. It ruins the survival aspect of EMC, because it makes building easier. The only person it matters for is now gone, and has run off with cough on a field to make a cheap rip-off of EMC.
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  4. Don't worry. The promotional thing is only a temporary deal and will only last for one week. We won't and don't plan on ever allowing fly in regular towns permanently. :)
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  5. Well, I don't think it's much of an issue if it's just in town for a week.

    Do you have to keep talk about one of the Forsaken?!
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  6. I see it as a terrible idea to even allow it for a second in all servers - We might as well just give everyone creative and be done with it,
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  7. I dont think its fair even if everyone in town used it, You wouldnt see a nice build and be like "omg i bet he worked so hard" even though flying doesnt build for you it does make it easier.
  8. Flying vs creative is a HUGE difference. Not even comparable.

    Players don't have access to unlimited free items during the temporary flying.
  9. Dont you dare say his (unless if it was actually a her) name!
  10. to add to this, and my knowledge, not to start a war, but the -person- he ran off with, disappeared after he took this -person- admin status on that server. so -person- is no where to be found.
  11. Thats my point. Even for a week or on Utopia. The special thing is how we build on EMC. Farming is one thing, but once you have all materials only one thing is different in between survival and creativ and thats flying. Im building that huge upside down castle. If I would be able to fly it would be so much easier to do (even though it is 256x128 Blocks) that I wouldnt even like to build it anymore. Its only a week on all servers, but I also like to see Utopia res. And I wouldnt like to always think about "hmm, is this build pre or post flying perk?"

    Also stay to the topic!
  12. What's the difference between Diamond supporter flying around Utopia and Diamond supporter flying in town.

    I think giving Diamond supporters the perk of Flying in every town could make regulars users want to buy Diamond Supporter aswell: Awmgudz! I wOnt T0 fly! *Buys diamond supporter*
  13. It doesn't seem like a huge advantage over anything really. Just helps people build tall things lol
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  14. But they have access to something that has always been forbidden in EMC and is makes huge creations so amazing, I can see it creating lots of confusion with younger players and also undermining some impressive builds, I'd also like to point out my brother personally came up to me today and asked me to install a fly mod onto his minecraft because it's allowed in EMC now, I wonder how many more people are going to think that, most of the time you make amazing things ICC, but this time, you really have not thought this through.
  15. I dont really see it as a terrible problem, In my mind the only thing it is really doing is saving people from tons of dirt scaffolding :p
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  16. If this were allowed in the wild I would 100% agree with you.

    The only thing this is really preventing is a week of dirt pillars in town, haha. If we allowed it in the wild, I could see an issue as, it prevents death. Town is already super safe and falling from a dirt pillar in town doesn't really affect a person. Preventing falling in the wild WOULD ruin the survival aspect.

    Remember nothing about TOWN is survival and the fact that it even has an economy where you can buy stuff probably does more against the theory of "ruining creations" than a short week of flying would give.

    I know it seems like a big deal now, but look at the past, anytime we bring something new, it's the "thing" to make a huge deal out of it. That's not just EMC, that's everything in life really. Once people see it actually happen, and pass, they'll go, "Oh, that's not that big of a deal."
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  17. Well I just wanted to point out, that it is against my feeling what EMC is. Also as you can see ICC, other players feel alike. Take it into consideration in future ;)
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  18. Of course and we are. Also realize that a lot of players also love the idea and are planning on taking advantage of Utopia a lot more (it's been really dead since...almost forever) which was one of our goals. For those not interested in using it, such as you guys, Aikar is going to try to add some commands where it HAS to be turned on in order to use it. :)
  19. Especially when aikar decided to go spawn 20000 tnt in a residence to test how much the server could hold.

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