Derelict Protection Update

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  1. people are always going to hate losing all their hard work no matter how many days have passed, at least now (from many of the comments above) the community will feel as if they had plenty of time to facilitate some kind of return.
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  2. Kudos, well done.
  3. Thaaaat's unfortunate lol
  4. Actually, SMP1 filling up is a good thing... It will help encourage new players to find a residence on a different server instead.
  5. I actually think this is too generous and I think we will have problems with this but, you'll probably prove me wrong. I think 15 was pretty good actually, 20 would have been excellent. Like others I feel that this will cause res 'drought' on 'popular' servers like 1 and 9, while it is good that new players will be encouraged to find a res on a different less full server some may want to stay on the more busy and popular server and when they find out there is no residences to claim they may leave. Just a thought. :)
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  6. 30 days is a bit more breathing room. Thanks. I would be curious how many newcomers abandon after 'x' days. A system of cleaning out the 'lookie-loos' would be great.

    Buying time!?!? It would be interesting if my rupees would be deducted 10K for every week of derelict. Hopefully long timers would have enough in the bank to "afford" to go on a long vacation. This is less of an argument now that the 30 day policy is in place.

    Community Service?!?! Some residences are "personal"; you build your castle and lock the doors...maybe invite friends over. Others are "commerce"; mega malls, grinders, etc. But some provide a community service; mazes, race tracks, parkor, artwork. Someone built these, not for themselves, but for others to enjoy and enhance EMC. I don't mind personal and commercial residences to lapse into derelict, but community service might have a consideration.

    The "can of worms" that would be opened would be: What is art? The Eiffel Tower may be a work of art. Is a giant Poke-mon a work of art? ...eye of the beholder. Now your talking complaints (why mine and not his?), forming art committees, and a city council. :confused: Maybe more trouble than it's worth, or, a "community" opportunity.

    The other issue is that people might jump on, build their artwork, then leave. Sort of like a graffiti artist or tagger. Maybe return with an alternate id and do it again.

    Just thinking out loud (and then typing them in this forum).
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  7. I kinda think this renders the supporter perk of being protected useless. Unless you are the .01% of people who don't log in or vote every 30 days and you keep supporter, there's no point in adding protection for supporter.
  8. Well, there are some like that. Something we are working to change is elements of Empire Minecraft that provide a bad experience that is 'fixed' by becoming a supporter.

    Derelict is one of them, and that is now resolved. Live Map hiding is the next on the list. We have added a ton to every supporter level over the past year to make them each worth it, so no big deal to start fixing things now and ensuring free players are able to play on EMC with a smooth experience, and make supporters what they are suppose to be: a slightly nicer experience.
  9. I get what you're saying, but another thing that came to my mind is that you're giving a ton of attention to diamond supporters. They pay double the amount that gold supporters pay, and they got a lot more than double the features. They get double the rupees, double the vault, double the stables, but then they also get Utopian flying/tnt which evens out the utopia wild and such. That's all fine and makes sense, but now you're giving more attention to them and considering/working on new features for them. I think if you're going to buff diamond you should also buff gold and iron, by half/quarter the buffs respectively.

    That has nothing to do with this topic but it kinda fitted in with what we were just talking about :p
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  10. Most of our feedback was more the opposite, that Diamond was more 'not worth it' as much.

    Many didn't care about TNT and don't care about Utopia (They want to play with the larger communities and have people to talk to)

    With simple math people found it was more beneficial to have 2 gold accounts than 1 diamond. This is why we want to improve Diamond. For people to pay 20$ a month for a Minecraft server is a pretty nice thing considering MMO's such as WoW is cheaper than that, and they should be rewarded with a bit more scale.
  11. I don't see the problem with having 2 gold accounts vs a diamond account; they get what they want and you still get $20 regardless, just spread into 2 payments. Also, lots of people love being able to use TNT. Perhaps make it a gold feature as well and give diamond something huge.
  12. Big thanks to IcecreamCow and all the other special staff members who were able to make this possible!!
    Thank you! :)
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  13. Very nice, this amount of time is very reasonable :D
  14. I agree with this, but it just gets a little frustrating trying to forceclaim a res
  15. What do you mean by that?

    Do you mean that it's frustrating that you have to wait a month before forceclaiming a res? Or do you not understand how to forceclaim?

    I think that 1.4k/day with 2 gold accounts vs 1.3k/day with 1 diamond account, as well as 6 base stable slots with 2 golds vs 5 slots on 1 diamond could be the reason (since they're the only advantages with 2 gold vs. 1 diamond) that gold is more beneficial, unless that's what you were saying the whole time (sorry, writing this really early for me! *yawn*). As a regular player whose also lived the life of a diamond and iron supporter, I would buy diamond for this, as well as become more active, if diamond is the most beneficial over iron and gold.
  16. Maybe the force claim rupee drain should be lowered by 1k since it's now 30 days?
  17. good and bad... mostly good, good 98% bad 1% nothing 1%,good: i don't have to be worried about going on a week vacation somewhere else,bad: some bad lots for more time,nothing:something
  18. I've been on the server for almost two years, and I've only used TNT twice.. Once for a friends birthday.. and the other with the SMP4 Paradise Project when we had to blow up the res's to put some secret stuff in :p I find TNT wasteful, but a good moneymaker for me lol.
  19. Awwyiss.

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  20. Thanks Man!!! Now i dont have to panic during vacations :D