Derelict Protection Update

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  1. Stricly speaking you never had to before, if you PM'd for extra derelict.
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  2. Thank god. With 1.7.2, and how the server isn't updating, this is a gift from Notch.
  3. Use the profile function in the new launcher.
  4. yes the server profile function allows you to quickly switch between versions of minecraft
  5. Also, can u make it so that forum activity resets derelict timer? Either that, or some way to mark "My computer autoupdates, so i'm on 1.7.2 already, so i cant get on"
  6. Make a new profile with the version we're running and it should go fine, if not let me know I'll help you.
  7. 20 would be PERFECT
  8. Thank you! that worked!
  9. when will the servers be updated to 1.7.2 I know I haven't been on for a bit now but I wanted to check up on my house but you are still in 1.6.4
  10. There is no no way of knowing for sure, we will updated once ready, be it in 1 day or 1 week.

    And refer to here for how to play on the servers during this time.
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  11. aikar usually posts a tracker somewhere once he figures out what all the issues are that i like following. its fun watching the countdown
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  12. <--- major life events happening (im 23 years old)
    - takes a short break from emc
    - comes back to realize residence is gone
    - pays rupees to get residence back from new owner
    - pays for gold supporter so i can take my second res back
    - sees how people can consider a ragequit from emc
    ...after over 50k rupees, and 10$ from the bank account, ive still only got the same things i had 2 weeks ago...
  13. One thing I wanted to mention. When a new user signs up and completes the tutorial and claims their res, it still says 15 days till derelict. Just thought I would mention this in case this slipped by and nobody else has mentioned this.
  14. Do you mean it's saying 15 days instead of 30 days? Aikar will fix that, won't he?
  15. I am sure he (or someone) will. I just wanted to point that out to new members it may be confusing. If you do a /res info, it will tell you the correct derelict time. When you first sign up though, it indicates 15 days. That is all. I am sure just an oversight in extending the time limit.
  16. I find 30 days far too long. 20 would be perfect!
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  17. Does that mean you'll be adding /map hide for non-supporters as well?
  18. I believe that the idea is that the only person who can see you is you, unless they are pretty close. Thats coming from a vague memory, but they are significantly enhancing it for non-supporters.
  19. Thank you so much! Your timing couldn't have been better- I got a job at a Halloween store, opening and closing every day, driving over an hour each way. So I didn't have time to properly log in often enough without this change to the policy. Thanks again!
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  20. That is the preferred idea, but likely won't happen like that for a while.
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