Derelict Protection Update

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  1. Hey everyone.

    To better improve our user experience about feeling less pressure regarding losing residences, we've bumped up our derelict time to 30 full days. We hope this will accommodate more reasonable windows for vacations and other things one might be gone for a length of time.

    Thank you!
  2. First! Nice!
  3. Thx now I can go away without getting my friend to sign in for me XD
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  4. Thanks! :D
    (Also third :3)
  5. Ahh I thought everyone was getting special derelict protection suddenly, this clears things up :)
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  6. Greeeeat. Just when there was an awesome residence going derelict tomorrow I have to wait 16 days lol

    Aside from that this should help people going on vacation and staff will spend less time boosting derelict for people :)
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  7. Why don't you guys set up a system where you can buy days to become not derelict longer. Now if we want a residence for somebody who quit, we would have to wait 30 days!
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  8. Well this is great! Although the concern is that there are more people joining than residences going derelict.. Any thought about this?
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  9. To be honest 15 days was fine.
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  10. Reses will still be reset if they are added into the pool of derelict reses ... the reses that are in the list the longest have a higher chance of being reset first. It's just now people have a higher chance of returning rather than forgetting about going derelict and having their stuff get reset.
  11. We did some talking about this and we think we should be just fine still for a while on this. We can always adjust our plans if it becomes an issue, but for now we're okay.
  12. This would not be a good thing unless smp10 comes out soon.
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  13. Ah, This is much appreciated! Thank you ICC and Staff team!
  14. We'll best thing about this- Now no one can be screaming about how they lost their res and 15 days isn't long enough xD
  15. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, becuase i am on all the time, and dont take vacations longer than a week.
    And i am looking for a good res close to spawn, because i want my base to be huge and glorious for every newlyspawned to see.
  16. And what if that person comes back in 20 days? Only to find their residence gone. They would perma quit.

    We've had numerous long term members lose residences lately due to derelict, which made us consider maybe it wasn't long enough.

    30 days is pretty fair to consider if a player is unlikely to return, and convenient for most people to not have to ask for protection for vacations.

    Not everyone is super active. Some people only play on weekends. As it stands now -- a player who only plays on weekends is very close to losing their residence by simply missing a single weekend.

    Now what if they miss 2 because they are busy - they shouldn't have their residence stripped away from them simply because life circumstances kept them from playing for 2 weeks.
  17. So you mean in 2015? :eek:
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  18. It's too late for me, someone already bought my work of art - my SMP1 res (Which was my first ever) and was replaced by an uninspired cobble and wood mess :(
  19. I has an idea on that.

    Maybe you can make a command that automagically gives you derelict on your account without asking an admin/senior staff member. For example, if I was going away for the summer and didn't know how to PM someone on the forums, I can just pop onto any server, do /derelict [number of days], in this case I might do 70, at which point the server will "ban" me with a message saying:

    Derelict protection complete.
    Days until expiration: 70

    So, it will ban you so you can't, for example, give yourself 10 years of protection and then sign in whenever you want. Instead, you'll have to wait until your derelict times out or you get an alt account. And maybe add some charges on it? :cool:

    So, yeah. That's my idea. #JustContribbing

    Hmm. Sounds like the same thing happened to me. Someone took my beautiful work of art (an uninspired cobble and wood mess) and replaced it with a hideous residence. It looked amazing! Ugh, I can't stand it! :mad: And it even said on a sign "In memory of Green_Mystery's residence here. I can't even think of the selfish man who took it away..." :p
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