[DEBATE] Presidential Election - 2016 (closing Nov 22)

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Donald Trump (R) 138 vote(s) 50.0%
Hillary Clinton (D) 138 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. If you can not debate this topic maturely, please do not reply as I will request any flame comments towards other players to be deleted.

    Currently the most popular candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I have created this thread to get the community's view on the two politicians as well as the 2016 election and what it could mean for the United States. Players outside of the US feel free to share your opinions as well.


    What do you think each candidate can bring to the country?

    What do you like/dislike most about Donald Trump?

    What do you like/dislike most about Hillary Clinton?

    Have you been keeping up with Political news?

    What would you like to see happen to improve the United States?

    Please be mature when answering these questions, but be as honest as you feel is appropriate.
  2. I think that the people that are currently voting for Trump think it is a joke, and then when Trump wins, we will be down the toilet.
    Same with Hillary.
  3. Neither

    Edit: Seeing it right now, March 28, 2016: I believe that no-one from the current candidates are going to be healthy for the US
  4. Would you really trust Donald Trump to take care of the country if he can't even take care of his own hair...
  5. I dont get why this needs to be a thread.
  6. I'm pretty sure if EMC has proven anything, it's that there will be no mature discussion.
    As for my two cents, I think it's way too early to be worrying about the general election, primaries are still a ways off. There are simply too many candidates on both sides to be able to determine who would get through the primaries. Clinton could very well get through the DNC nomination, but Sanders is still keeping pace with her in popularity, and Biden may still join the race. The GOP has way more candidates than the Democrats, and considering the divide between the religious-right, the establishment republicans, and libertarians, it's impossible to predict who will be nominated (almost certainly not Trump, though. The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long).
    I'd strongly suggest learning about all of the possible candidates, even though a lot of them are pretty clearly not going anywhere: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/09/2016-election/384828/
  7. Trump would be way better then hillary. He did not lie about a server in his bathroom closet with state secrets, He did not sit around and do nothing while Americans where being killed by Islamic terrorists, and then go out and say it was because of a youtube video. I don't agree with tump on everything. Somtimes I think he says things he should not, but he will say a lot of things that are 100% true and need to be addressed. Now a person who I like a lot better then Trump is Ted Cruz. He is smart and really knows what he is doing. We need to do somthing about all the debt America has, And he is great and practically all issues.
  8. i am also of the wall fetish persuasion. mmmmm
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  9. I would have to say trump for president! Here are my reasons:
    First: immaculate pristine hair
    Second: He doesn't have any evidence to back up any of his claims- just what we need for America!
    Third: He has no filter - I mean I don't need a filter for my lawn mower and it works perfectly fine. So that just shows he doesn't need one either!
    Fourth: Immaculate hair
    Fifth: He says all the wrong things. And by making negative after negative comments, it eventually turns into positive! ( (-1) * (-1) = 1 = Positive)
    Sixth: He hates fox news
    Seventh: He visited my city
    Eighth: Immaculate gorgeous REAL hair!
    Ninth: He makes hilarious twitter posts
    Tenth: Trump rhymes with Gump, and Forrest Gump was my favorite movie.
    Eleventh: Dat hair doe
  10. the only genuine politicians who could conceivably be on the ballot is bernie sanders and donald trump. hilary is a joke she has proven time and time again to be an unreliable flip flopper. surprisingly many of bernie's platforms are similar in nature to trumps.

    young people of a voting age should turn out to get bernie on the ballot and on the white house. otherwise trump will end up in office which though it would be good the first quarter while he lame ducks and promises things the second quarter is when his foreign policy would come into play. he is a war profiteer, wasnt the goal to end the military industrial complex ten years ago when bush was in office? or are you all too young to remember that?
  11. Trump would be better then Bernie Sanders. Bernie's socialism would ruin the American economy. And I think Trump would be more likely to take out the terrorists in the middle east. But Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, or Marco Rubio would be way better then Trump. Ted Cruz is probably the best person for America to have as president, But I don't know if he can win. I think Marco Rubio has the best chance of winning. Even though Trump is doing well in the polls right now it is a long time away from the election.
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  12. as far as the republican nomination goes, as time goes on Trump will fall off the wagon and throw his support behind cruz or huckabee but when it comes down to it, Bush and Rubio are the only real electable candidates on the republican side. basically the same with sanders, I'm personally pulling for him but I feel like it won't be enough and Clinton will get the nomination. this is like fantasy football lol
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  13. You're kidding, right? Trump is an absolute pillock.

    I support Bernie Sanders. If he doesn't make it to the election, I'll take Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. They both chat shit, but one is better than the other. Trump doesn't even know who Jeremy Corbyn is, who he could quite possibly be working very closely with in 5 years time.

    P.S Bernie Sanders + Jeremy Corbyn together, if the US and UK's 'special relationship' hasn't broken down then (which it won't :p), is a recipe for amazing things.
  14. best thing to happen in politics in 2015

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  15. bernie and trump are the same ideals under different circumstances. trump wants to get the business out of politics because it wastes money bernie wants it to have more genuine candidates. ted cruz and huckabee are socio capitalists which is the worst form of socialism whereas communalist- socialism (not to be confused with communism) is what bernie represents communalist socialism is essentially working together to benefit everyone which is what bernie is after. lowering taxes on the rich will not trickle down and its been proven time and time again that is what those two represent. it results in a larger lower class and more safety net programs needing to be implemented. but this is america we need programs that make it easy for the lower class to stop being poor and commit and contribute to our economy. ted cruz voted down a law to raise taxes on businesses shipping work overseas how is he going to help america with that sentiment? i imagine you are young and dont really understand what being an american used to be about. america is not about warmongering, its not about being the biggest stick in the yard. being an american used to mean being proud to live here because we didnt have to go to war. the corporations that have had a stranglehold on the economy for the past 50ish years arent american. and the candidates that you listed are controlled by those companies. i dont want the koch brothers telling me whats right and wrong and thus i will vote the candidate that is free of their influence. thats bernie and trump. bernie has been fighting for the past 50 years for similar ideals to my own so if he is on the ballot he gets my vote
  16. Glad I'm not allowed to vote yet, because I wouldn't >.<
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  17. I would have to vote for Sanders...
  18. People use the "socialist" or "socialism" like a bad word. These people undoubtedly get all their opinons from Fox news.

    **Edit** I would vote Hilary or Bernie. Frankly I would most decidedly vote any Democratic ticket over any of the current Republican nominees.
  19. Kanye for president.
  20. People talk crap about Trump without realizing that Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state... ever. A politician's job is to lie and manipulate the truth to appeal to a broader audience, which is what Clinton is good at. (I don't think I even need to mention her deleting emails, she should be DQ'ed for that alone. We can't have a president that will constantly lie to us.)
    I want the first woman president to be a good president, not Hillary. You can start writing angry replies now, I love arguing with people on a Minecraft forum. Not.
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