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  1. We should all ban together to make a city in the wild. Before you say "No!" keep reading. We have to show the griefers we arent scared anymore, we cant let them win! I went on smp1 the other day and went on the chat and asked people if they would help make the city or not. heres the responses: "No itll get griefed." "Id love to but itll just get griefed :/" And these responses made me sad that all the townspeople are to afraid to build in the wild due to the senselessness of griefers. We dont have to be scared anymore i mean come on the emc mods are Kick @#$!!! So if you can id love for you to join me on my anti griefing city! Thanks for reading :D
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  2. Im SMP4 can I join?
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  3. I will be here when you come back because it has been griefed ;)
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  4. i will definatly join
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  5. Besides that... MASSIVE Empire wide outpost?
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  6. An anti griefing city. If you can actually make this then it might give me a reason to come back. This used to be a common thing to do back when Empire was only about 50 people big. There was even a city right outside of Wasteland spawn!
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  7. This has actually been tried on SMP7, and although it does often get griefed, the Last Light Outpost is still going :) your idea can work. Also, some "Wild Updates" are coming soon which will make it much safer to build in the wild.

    In the future, we should see more "Cities" in the wild, as you suggest.
  8. Hmmm. Seems like the reason LLO was started. I might join. Find a good location first. Very far from spawn
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  9. If the cities are spread out and there is still "wild" left, im all for it.
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  10. I might join, even though i'm from SMP3.
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  11. There's quite a lot of wild, so I'm sure they will be.
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  12. Meant near spawn. I don't want to venture out losing a lot of food to find the wild.
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  13. It is infinite. And I might join, even though I'm from SMP6.
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  14. That's true. We'll see anyway... I don't think the official details of the updates have been released yet
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  15. I suppose I'll join yet another wild outpost.
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  16. Why ask townies? They don't know about the wild.

  17. Every server has a hard limit. If a player goes out in the wild far enough, he/she will hit the hard limit, and chunks will stop generating everywhere on the server. This will in every way get you banned.
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  18. yup i remember the wasteland! ;)
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  19. tell the LLO people. they have a city!
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  20. I am an LLO person :D
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