Corrupt a wish!

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  1. ok the first person will make a wish, and the person below finds a way to corrupt it.
    ex.) I wish cheese: Reply (what someone below would say) You get cheese but were unspecific so you get bad cheese :D
    To start off I wish for cake!

    Credit too SparerToaster
    (I saw this on another forum.. but people told me he has done it)
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  2. The Cake is a Lie.
    I with this thread would be closed.
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  3. It Isn't.
    I Wish people would not copy good forum games and not credit the original.
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  4. Shade just did.
    I want another beacon.
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  5. Sorry I know it is a forum game just don't know the original. I saw it some were and thought it would be fun sorry :(
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  6. It was by SparerToaster.
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  7. You Scammed someone out of it.
    I want to be able to beat the wither.
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  8. dress up in good armor.
    I wish someone will give me 100k ;P
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  9. 100k dirt
    I want dirt
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  10. 14141 sells it for free
    i want a diamond
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  11. Made out of dirt
    I want a cheeseburger
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  12. theres no cheese
    i want to make a mod
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  13. You make the mod but no one downloads it
    I want to get another wish :D
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  14. Granted, but once you've made it, the mod completely changes the course of time in the past so your birth occurs in the Soviet Union, where the mod makes you. Funny what Java can do.

    I wish for 5 double chests of lava buckets.
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  15. The lava overflows from the chest ruining your entire res.
    I wish for me to become an experienced youtuber.
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  16. granted, but they turn to obsidian

    i wish for more moneyz $$
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  17. You get more money but it gets you mugged.
    I would like to come back from being lost in the wilderness.
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  18. DENIED.
    I want Aikar to give me a zombie head.
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  19. He gave you one but then you turned into a zombie!
    I wish someone would respond to my first comment :p
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  20. then become a zombie
    i want to control all
    darn you!!!
    i want to control all
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