Controversial Topics in Statuses

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  1. Reminder to all:

    When we created the controversial topics section, it was specifically to allow players to discuss certain topics (previously banned completely)in a manner that had controlled access. Players would then be able to request not seeing these topics if they wished, and Staff would be able to restrict access to players that have shown a lack of being able to handle these topics and controversial views appropriately.

    Recently, the controversial issues have not remained in their intended area and have migrated to an uncontrolled access point: player status posts. This prevents staff from being able to restrict access as needed, and is why this post is being created. This is a reminder about a rule that will be enforced more going forward.
    It is not allowed to post outside of the controversial section with any discussions related to the controversy of:
    -Sexual Orientation
    -Mental Health
    -Other International or domestic controversies

    In addition, if someone posts a status that you disagree with due to one of the above and you wish to debate, either take it to the controversial section or a private message. Don't hijack their status to do it.

    Please keep your profile statuses non-controversial. Don't post to get a rise out of another player. Don't comment on other player posts just to make fun of their viewpoint or their interpretation. Trolling isn't what community members do to each other, so let's keep that in mind. Take the extra effort to be kind and respectful and keep the forums a positive atmosphere.

    If you wish to have your access removed from the controversial section, please send a message to directly.

    EMC Staff
  2. I feel like I've repeatedly caused the need for new rules and policy changes. This isn't even the first time I've created such a need since the new year... :/
  3. No space after parenthesis, big typo right there.

    Okay, I contributed to this and see what you're saying.
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  4. I'm also on my phone in the car. ;)
  5. It's more than just you, but take this info and re-evaluate your own posts. Self reflection is a good thing every now and then to keep yourself in check.
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  6. It's kind of sad that this needs to be said. People just need a little bit of self control ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  7. Ah, okay. I didn't know what you meant by 'discussion' at first, but after reading the rest of the thread and the list of topics, I think you actually do mean discussion (a conversation or debate), and not just status updates. That's good, then. :)
    If discussions start, those should then move into a pm, or someone should create a thread for them in the appropriate section.
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  8. To clarify: Anything controversial shouldn't be posted in a status. There is no way for us to control access and therefore topics need to stay in the right place. Statuses shouldn't be used to make one liners about politics, religion, etc anyway.
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  9. This may be a stupid question, but are we supposed to report any statuses that violate this ruling?
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  10. A
    Any NEW ones will be watched for by staff, but if it's been a moderate amount of time on a NEW status and you think it crosses the line, please report to bring our attention to it.
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  11. I'm glad you made this post, because I'm unaware of how things are turning out on here. Self-reflection time upon myself and the controversial topics is going to occur now.
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  12. That's commitment, wow. Nice!
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  13. In other words, don't post something that will cause controversy on profiles. Understood, seems simple enough to follow
  14. *posts "A hotdog isn't a sandwhich"*
  15. I always was told to watch what you post on any websites that might spark a bit of uneasiness, so if you follow the guidelines on what you are allowed or not allowed to post then you will be just fine. Guidelines are easy to remember and must be followed where ever you post on for online safety is a highly must precaution you must be aware of.
  16. Hm. I think we should be able to post as a status anything that's occupying us, as long as it's child-friendly. So things concerning for example sex, drugs, and perhaps suicide, should be left out.
    Anything else should be allowed, I think, as long as it's personal and not intended to spark debate.
    However, I do see where you're coming from, I think. For example, when the election happened, someone might have posted as their status "I'm very disappointed that Donald Trump got elected", or "I'm very happy Donald Trump got elected". Both are personal, and not intended to spark debate. But both can cause controversy.
    So these, I could understand you'd want us to avoid, even though in the 'optimal world' we would be able to implement those feelings into our statuses as well (and in the 'optimal world' we'd also be able to discuss topics that aren't EMC-appropriate, perhaps).
    However, this couple of examples is clearly two sides of a debate. Many other status updates aren't, and are more about unique experiences.
    I'll see if I can find some examples of statuses that I think are important to be allowed, but might not be, according to your opinion.

    This regards mental health. But if people can have a bit of a vent by putting such an update, should you restrict them? This isn't anything explicit.
    This regards sexual orientation. It might be extra controversial because it was posted by a guy. However, I think there's nothing wrong with it, and it's a wish that can be shared, especially on such an occasion.
    This does not regard any of the topics you listed, but it does regard quite a controversial topic. But it's just an idea shared, and a friendly possibility. I think that the player deserved to share this idea.
    This regards religion. But it's a personal, intimate and important detail of this status update. And I see no reason that it should be excluded.

    That's just some examples, I'm expecting there to be more, as I only checked 1-5 profile pages of 3 players.
  17. Nitpicking a bit here like, but I'd argue it would be intended to spark debate. By posting something like that, you know you're getting to a reaction out of those who disagree with your viewpoint, and especially so in the minutes/hours/days since he was elected. In fact, even a year after his inauguration, he continues to be such a hot topic that you're still going to have to acknowledge people are going to react against you. It's pretty much bait. It's not an innocent expression of your happiness that your preferred presidential choice now sits in the oval office; it's all that but without a hint of innocence, unless you're ignorant of the world around you.
    I don't think updates of this type are controversial. When I had big problems with my mental health issues, I'd come here to vent about them because I had nowhere else to go. Saying that to real life friends would be embarrassing and fairly useless, but here it wasn't. It was an outlet. Both I and I'm sure the staff appreciate that people can come here to use this website as an outlet, and it's comforting when the community rallies around someone and offers comfort. That can be the difference between life and death for some. While EMC isn't the reason I'm miles better now (that would be down to actually doing something about it/getting an actual anchor in the form of a girl and my real life friendships) I know that I wouldn't be as mentally healthy as I am now without being able to use my profile as a place to write something and, admittedly, hope for some positive attention a few years back.

    I don't know if that made sense, to be honest.
    This wouldn't be banned. I see straight girls and guys posting here about their crushes, their husbands and their wives all the time. If you intend to take issue when the previously listed scenarios involve the same sexes as the crush/crushee, the husband or the wife or girlfriend or boyfriend, it's not the status that's controversial/spiteful - it's you, and you either shouldn't comment on it or be equally supportive as you would be with straights.
    Pretty much the same as I said above. It's a flag, we can make flags, and people announce them in statuses all the time. This is a symbol of a group of people just as much as the flag of the United States or United Kingdom or idk Australia is, and when those flags got released, they got entire front page threads. If we had a large group of Kosovo Albanians here and they made flags for their country (despite many countries denying their independence), there would be no objection to that. If, I dunno, a Serbian or Montenegrin or Spanish player took issue with that, they would be told to shut up and deal with it or leave, and if they continued they'd be banned for harassing a group of players. An LGBTQ+ flag is no different in my opinion.
    This is hardly religious. It's not a main focus of the status and just says the player prayed. I've said that in a status before, and I'm an atheist. I think the OP means more those who use the space to preach, evangelise, or be spiteful towards religion, if that makes sense.
  18. I'm wondering and concerned about that too. Thanks for bringing that point up!
  19. Thanks for your replies, I hope you're right! :)
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  20. This was my first thought too, when reading this. Statusses are essentially there to tell everyone how you are feeling or what is on your mind. Of course you should not post everything that is on your mind on a PG forum, but imo you should be able to share your viewpoints on certain topics, if that is what is keeping you busy. However, I do also see where this is comming from. If these kind of statusses cause drama, it would maybe be better to not have those discussions on profile pages.

    The thing with policies like this, though, is that it can be very hard to draw the line between what is controversial, and what is not, or which posts are ment to initiate a debate and which not. But I trust that the staff will make the right judgements on whether or not a status is just something on someones mind they want to share (of which I don't see how that would cause any trouble), or a post made to start up some drama.