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What do you say?

Believable 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Unbelievable 2 vote(s) 15.4%
No way 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Hillarious 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Good 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Not good 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Awkward 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Worse 2 vote(s) 15.4%
They've crossed a line here 6 vote(s) 46.2%
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  1. TL/DR: (original is: here)

    NOTE: This is / was a joke, a prank!

    ShelLuser: I picked up a conversation "somewhere" ... Would you be ok with a 8% yearly EMC tax?

    FDNY21: However, in the poll you stated 8% of our rupee total?

    ShelLuser: even cadenman heard of this.

    Kephras: I wonder what 8% of ToddVinton's or Alex's assets would be

    ShelLuser: I hope we can get some staff members to respond about this

    ShelLuser: Something is definitely going on. Now all of a sudden Dwight's comment on my profile page is gone. I asked him about it in a PM but.. no answer so far.

    nfell2009: It's 8% per transaction

    hashhog3000: Wow, if even cadenman has heard about this, it must be pretty big.

    bluebiscuit2007: April 1st will be happening next week, so... :D

    Luckypat: what if this is an April fools day joke?

    ShellUser: Good point.

    BreezyMan: The topic is an 8% yearly tax

    ShelLuser: Probably not to cause much drama, I dunno.

    ShelLuser: I don't mind contributing to the Empire, not at all. But the way things go right now bothers me a little. ... But, assuming this is true, making us all pay an x amount of rupees every year?

    607: Honestly, I'd not mind it. I mean, I often have a lot of rupees, and I'm not always sure what to do with them.

    607: Couldn't you cheat a bit with this?

    72Volt: No purpose to it.

    sgtjudson: Wow... Just wow.. This is the disrespect I ever recieved since light yagami killed kirito in the spin off of full metal alchemist [...] "It was 1995, deep in the middle of the Vietnam war... I couldn't believe the fighting... All around me.. Communism..."

    NetherSpecter: I wouldn't like to pay for things I don't attend.

    FDNY21: You don't attend prison, yet your tax will still go towards the inmates that are there? :p

    nuclearbobomb: This is probably a joke...

    Kephras: Maybe not Minecraft servers, specifically, but there's plenty of precedent in MMOs [...]Little early to be pulling pranks, isn't it?

    cadenman2002: Yeah, recently I say some post on profiles about a tax fund. Very weird. Very. Very. Weird.

    SteamingFire: Well i decided that if I'm ever bored, I'll snoop around EMC forums cuz they're always interesting... But this is just weird.

    Ultimamaxx: This is a joke... :D How did all of this EMC tax discussion stuff even start? Was it announced in-game? EDIT: RainbowChin liked this post, so the tax stuff may be a joke!

    AwesomeBuilder33: I have a feeling staff are just going to random players saying that they're going to do april fools and they want people to make a rumor on purpose :p

    Todd_Vinton: I can't wait to start paying my fair share!

    kitten3101: I'm holding a tea party.

    Mayoman100: Why would EMC need a tax for?

    FDNY21: Prize fund and also to control the economy

    ShelLuser: I'm pulling out of this discussion for today to carefully think about my next moves.

    southpark347: Ill just quit this server if I have to pay a tax for everything I buy/sell or do

    PenguinDJ: Well this is great...

    CakeMaster0702: doesn't seem very fair to me

    ThaKloned: Silly idea [...] This is taking money from people for what?

    607: I think you should never leave so quickly. If this is going to be implemented, I'd wait a few weeks, to see how it plays out, and then consider again. Maybe it isn't so bad, after all.

    Bro_im_infinite: i dont care if they make us do taxes. People will find a loophole around

    FDNY21: We still have an economy. You know, Aikar has always said about raising the value of the rupee. Maybe this is it.

    72Volt: Why not a 'Government Server'?

    cowland123: This game only gets more complicated :(

    JackBiggin: Is there actually ANY proof that this is actually happening, or just player rumours?

    72Volt: guys, don't be silly. Aikar's smarter than that.

    M4nic_M1ner: ROTFLMAO This is one of the best threads ever.[...] I'm going to read it all over again tomorrow to start the day with a good laugh :)

    Bro_im_infinite: "april fools"- Future ShelLuser

    and then ...

    ShelLuser: Ok... I wasn't going to comment but... [...] No; I am not having a good day, yes; I am a little annoyed and/or disappointed with the way things happened but it has never been my intention to scare people away or cause them to worry or even doubt EMC in such ways that they might give up on it. Especially since nothing has been made official ...yet. [...]I guess what I'm trying to say is: yes, things happened. But.. Lets not start a riot or anything [...] Yes, some of us got removed from the contribution team and its indeed related to this whole tax thing.

    kitten3101: You got removed? Why? You would have been great:(

    NamiMay: A mistake which i have also made recently, which i am sorry for but a mistake shouldn't be punishable like that.

    M4nic_M1ner: Reading some of the last comments I realize that some people might got all of this far too serious.

    ThaKloned: Or so we may have you believe......

    PenguinDJ: This is fake. I'm 110% sure.

    Pab105: Without knowing the details, I think I can safely say that it was a trap for those who got demoted.

    M4nic_M1ner: Setting a trap for the staff? Intentionally? [...] For me, this thread was the best joke of the week. #laugh-of-the-week then #awkwardmoment

    Faithcatser: Why would you make a thread like this...

    FWRonald: Weird thread.

    EffinBatman: Also I think attacking Russia in the middle of winter was the best idea any general had.

    Kephras: Since the cat's already (partly) out of the bag, I may as well clarify a few things.
    Maybe some of you guys will see this before it gets deleted
    Nothing is decided. Obviously this was (is?) still under heavy discussion, and it's pretty clear a lot of you are against it. As you know, Aikar's been looking into a lot of different ways to keep a handle on EMC's economy, a "sales tax" is just one of them. Rather than rage about how EMC is going downhill / threaten to quit, try suggesting viable alternatives - y'know, constructive criticism stuff.

    shanekas: What a silly rumor.

    khixan: April Fools (I hope lol). Because out of all the ideas for rupee sinks, taxes are such a rainbow happy fun one! Not.

    M4nic_M1ner: Tax politics is all but simple. All of the tax ideas in this thread are far too clumsy. [...]Discussion of a so important topic behind the community's back? Not a good idea.

    Kephras: :confused: seriously? Did you miss the part where this whole fracas should never have happened and three team members got sacked for talking about it? [...] stop trying to be EMC's backseat driver

    sambish20: I can pretty much 150% agree with you there, yes this April Fools joke is ruined, and yes, the demotions were part of it I believe.

    nfell2009: Worst April fools ever.

    607: Nah, I've seen worse.

    IcecreamCow (2014): you can come to me at any time, without fear of being reprimanded (of course unless you go over the line ... lol)

    MrsWishes: Some people just want to watch the world burn....

    GoodnightSmith: And the Staff, are those people. :)

    kitten3101: Viva la revolution! :p

    ScarTheNinja: A little pyromania helps a little... [...] Who needs money anyway? :p

    SkareCboi: #NoTaxationWithoutRepresentation

    MeadMaker: 1. Get rid of daily sign-in rupee bonuses

    boozle628: Now, to be honest, [...] Taxes take money out of the economy.

    Cchiarell6914: Holy hell. [...] I already left once, and I will leave again

    ... and then ...

    ShelLuser: As said, I don't hold grudges but I do start to get slightly annoyed with the way the staff currently tries to ridicule us
    ItsMeMatheus: t/ell BlackKnight Just deny it until the public announcement, better this way
    Something stinks here and it aren't my feet.

    Olaf_C: Dear god people!

    Cchiarell6914: now my posts regarding this mess are being deleted.... this just shows how desperate the staff is getting in order to keep this mess from unraveling more than it has already... this is an absolute low, and pathetic was for emc to operate

    ShelLuser: Sorry Olaf, but as a former contributor I never took such a vow
    No, lets take this one step further: Say Matheus, would you care to share what BK should deny until the public statement?

    ShelLuser: Yes, I dislike how I got treated by Kryssy. [...]We're doing them a favor and get punished over it. The poll results alone show as much.
    In fact, we did what we did because we were certain that if they would carry out their plans there would be "nether biome" to pay. We're actually trying to stop a war from happening.

    krysyyjane9191: So to sum up:
    No, there isn't a Tax.
    Yes, the Contributor Team demotions were all a ruse to make it more believable.
    Yes, this was supposed to end on April Fool's Day, but SOME people started the post too early out of excitement =P
    Oh and this wasn't the Official April Fool's thing from EMC. [/quote]
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  2. Really?
    Change of the members forum title is hearsay?
    Postings from the very same member is hearsay?
    I wouldn't say so :)

    Like what ICC said?
    Why not discuss it with the community first?

    Ok, straight to you: You gave consent and as it seems you have even collaborated on creating quite awkward drama on EMC forum. What shall we do about that?
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  3. What's the significance of this?
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  4. I remember last year's April 1st haha, town was going to be reset and was announced everywhere.
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  5. The very people that preach about "drama" are (collaborating in) creating quite an awkward drama.
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  6. Why aren't I in the conversation? Lol jk.
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  7. Drama was never their intent. And it could have happened to anyone, it just so happened that at the end of the day the rumor laid in the hands of some members of the Contribution Team.

    It was a mistake and they realize that. Lessons have been learned and nobody got hurt.
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  9. All went well and it was hilarious (not only for me :)) until Shell came with that "yes, we got demoted and ..."

    Nobody got hurt - I hope - but this is the point:

    The "drama" that sometimes goes on on the forum is (usually) far less heated and awkward than this.

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  10. I'm not sure "April Fools" jokes regarding the community are necessarily good. However, it is a great demonstration of how quickly rumors can be spread.

    The whole "taxes" thing was very well thought out. I think everyone who wasn't in on it...fell for it
    It may have gone a little too far...but you guys had the entire community fooled, *sigh*... trolls :p

    I prefer funny April Fool's jokes, but maybe we all need a little scare every once in a while ;)
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  11. I am glad I backed out when I did.
  12. Group jumped the gun on April Fool's joke.
    People overreacted.
    Krysyy stepped in and pulled the plug before it got bad.
    ->M4nic makes thread to continue discussion of drama?
    Drama was never the intention here and I'd like to think you know that. :rolleyes:
  13. Demotions were a mistake and nothing negative was intended by them, just a ruse to aid the joke. The joke didn't go well, that was always a possibility, the plug was pulled. Lesson, learned.

    The demotions thing was suggested privately in a conversation and I was asked to join in, so I said it was fine. Was I trying to incite drama, preach drama or collaborate in it? No, I was volunteering to be the part of a joke. It didn't go like planned so the plug was pulled, it's as simple as that.

    Creating this thread causes more drama, in fact, I'd say this thread would be inciting more of it. It was a mistake, we've learned, no harm intended.
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  14. I was actually kinda looking forward to a tax... :rolleyes:
  15. My points:
    - some degree of drama does not hurt, it shows that the community is alive
    - it can be even fun to read :)
    - the fear of drama on EMC is too high. Well except Shell has no fears ... ([q]after few beers[/q]? ;))
    - this joke went well beyond good taste
    - actually most people didn't fall for it until that "demotion drama"
    - the joke thread is closed, ended, but we can talk about it - without continuing it
  16. By bringing up the subject, continuing it is exactly what you are doing. The reason drama is not good is that when it starts, it gets out of hand fast. For example, the IcC quote you used. That was completely unnecessary

    Also, i am surprised i was not quoted more :p
  17. Happy now?
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  18. Nah, we all know now that it was planned and that there is no tax, so that topic is finished. :)

    One more point:
    The tax idea was not good enough
    You could have done that much better and then the demotion thing would not be necessary at all :D
    Ask Volt or me next time ;)

    Yes, especially if there is not just hearsay involved but a "hard" prank.

    To show how people connected it to past issue(s) and because of the similarity with "come straight to me".

    Oh, we can change that, what did I miss? :)
  19. They were a bit limited. Somebody in the group started the rumor then invited us in chat, so they had few options. Initially, the excuse was for it to run the server, but it was later replaced with the excuse for the rupee prize fund.

    That is a bit big-headed of you to say and pretty rude to the people involved.
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  20. Why? Making the tax idea more believable and leaving out demotions ... the joke / prank could actually be quite good.
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