[April Fools] Empire Minecraft - Under Attack by Zombies!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Everyone, this is a warning that a team of zombies have invaded our server and are rampaging through town, spreading a deadly Zombie Plague!

    Hide, Run, what ever you do, avoid the Zombies!
  2. MrUnknownian managed to get me. Now to go infect unsuspecting noobs...

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  3. Interesting...
  4. This is brilliant xD
  5. Bring them on!!!!
  7. April fools day time :D
  8. So, /infections is broke :/

    Because the table stores data as strings (its a generic data storage system), it is not sorting correctly :(

    (We didn't test hitting 10+)

    /infections is fixed
  9. everyone to me castle! jk jk though it would be awesome if this happened, IF.
  10. Is this an apocalypse?
  11. Ok got a fix for the infections scores soon
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  12. I'll give everyone who is not infected a diamond if they come to my res right now :p
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  13. OH LAWD IT"S THE ALPACALIPS! I shall now use everything I learned from The Walking Dead to survive.
  14. Interesting addition.

    This thread isn't as active as usual ;)
  15. Mission failed. Totes forgot, tp'd home and deathconn got me. :/
    0/10 Would not make great Apocalypse Survivor.

    Well, it is 2:46am EST on a Tuesday for some of us on the States.
  16. Oh if only I didnt have to go to school today u.u
    So checking this out after school!
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  17. lol, so zombies are wrecking havoc on Empire and the Villagers are wrecking havoc on the skins servers.. xD
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  18. ...Sooooo... This seems relevant: :rolleyes: