CONTEST-Win 100k!!!

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  1. hello everyone, i come to you with my first ever contest :) this is a contest were you can win 100k!!!

    this is a design contest for my mall, this mall is 2 res's so its a little hard

    build in creative, then upload the mall you build


    here is what i want in it:
    * quartz,lapiz,gold,diamond,emerald,glowstone, and iron ALL BLOCKS (you can change quartz to any tip of quart)

    *NO walls in lobby of the mall

    *no more then 1 dc of quartz blocks (any tip of quart, but in total it cant be more then 1 dc of blocks)

    *no more then 20 stacks of diamond blocks

    *no more then 80 stacks of gold blocks

    *no more then 45 stacks of lapiz blocks

    *no more then 6 stacks of emerald blocks

    *no more then 1 dc of glowstone

    *no more then 60 iron blocks

    *you can use 6 beacons!!!!

    (you can add any other blocks you want, but not more then a dc of each)

    something i will like:
    the lobby to have alot of glowstone (dont over do it)
    the lobby to have quartz stands hold up the roof
    not to much glass
    not to much stone/coble/sand

    HOPE YOU WIN!!! :D

    only ONE winner
  2. can we do over a dc of glass?
  3. Do I build it?
  4. Sounds fun! I gotta ask... how are people supposed to submit their design?

    My design would go like this...
    Since I would be limited to a DC of my choice of building materials,
    Dirt walls, with torches to light up the place.
    Some colored wool sprinkled here and there. Colors to match 'items sold'.
    Then myceum flooring sprinkled with glowstone in the floor for the lobby.

    For the roof, all ice.
    ooh, and teleport plates and signs, dont forget those.

    No beacons though. Its overdone.

    Then, I would put all the quartz, diamond, gold, lapiz, emeralds, in chests with signs above them to sell them.
    Sign would say 'diamonds 50r, quartz, 20r, gold 9r, emeralds, 20r'

    Wait for the people to pour in.
  5. Yeah, how are designs submitted? Or do we just explain it in the forums.
  6. there are many sites were you can take a snapshot then upload it

    and please dont be making this thread look bad with the jokes you know the answers to, if you need to ask soemthign im online
  7. I honestly didn't know.
  8. 2013-11-10_12.30.59.png
    This is all I got so far. And I would use Redstone Lamps instead of glowstone. It gives a cleaner look
  9. Gives a good chance for builders skills
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  10. Ooh I will so enter this. Can we use blocks besides the ones explicitly listed? How about 1.7 blocks?
  11. Is it a standard 4 wide road between reses?
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  12. omg i forgot to say when this contest ends :O

    it ends in 5 weeks from now, or when i think i found a awesome design, so take your time but remember time is never on your side, if that makes any sence :p
  13. Hoho, I got dis. I'll be turning in my (epic) entry in a few weeks. And unlike other contests, I actually plan to enter this one.
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  14. NEW RULE!!!!!!
    im makeing it 2 times as much, 80 stacks of gold blocks and 45 stacks of lapiz blocks!!!!

    that means i want you guys to use atleast 50 stacks of gold blocks and 80 stacks the most!!!

    and 20 stacks of lapiz the least and 45 stacks the most ;)

    also you can use up to 25 stacks of iron now.
  15. Again, ca we use more than a DC of glass?
  16. you may im going to let glass be 2-3 dc's but plz dont over do it with glass, i dont like malls like that
  17. 50 stacks of gold blocks minimum.. No offense but there's no way that will look good. I don't think there should be a minimum material limit, especially not that one since that much gold is near impossible to look good.
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  18. Do you have a utopia res?