[CONTEST] What Are You Grateful For?

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Write a poem that reflects the theme and submit it by November 30th at 11:59 EMC time to enter. There is no length requirement or limit. Use your own work please! Submissions found elsewhere on the internet will be disqualified...

    1st Place: Empire Poet's Quill + 1/2 Donations
    2nd Place: 1/3 donations
    3rd Place: 1/6 donations

    Submit here: CLICK ME TO SUBMIT YOUR POEM! The contest has ended! Look forward to seeing who the winners will be!

    Give Donations to Prize Pot Here: CLICK ME TO DONATE!


    xxVexenxx - 200,000
    Todd_Vinton - 25,000
    melk73 - 20,000
    Green_Mystery - 20,000
    g00tch - 20,000
    slash14459 - 14,459
    People of Carthaga - 10,000
    rock00888 - 10,000
    minemanluke - 9,330
    miner_peace - 5,000
    akela32 - 2500
    lehmaqr - 1,200
    doctorsherlock16 - 200
    TehrandomX - 100

    1 block of diamond
    1 block of emerald
    17 shiny arrows
    1 stack of diamonds
    13 vault vouchers
    'Pen Shearer' enchanted gold sword
    1 diamond shovel
    45 stacks of gunpowder
    20 iron ore
    2 stacks of rose bushes
    1 stack of renamed sunflowers
    1 white horse
  2. If only i kept my English literature books from School... I'm sure i wrote something similar to this :(
  3. I'll be sure to have a go :)
  4. Empire Poet's Quill?
  5. Just gonna post here so I remember to do this.
  6. maybe ill try... not very good though
  7. This is a great contest!
    Thanksgiving is a fun time, it is a good day to remember <3 forever
  8. Yes! Thank you so much, krysyy! You've finally created a contest that I have a chance at winning! :p Time to pick up the ol' pencil.
  9. Great idea! I'll be sure to enter :)
  10. Is the quill just a lore feather or something? Or does it have a helpful effect?
  11. If I wrote it by hand and submitted an imgur link that was clearly readable, would that be acceptable?
  12. Good for me that we've been studying poetry in class all this term ;)
  13. I am so doing this! :D
  14. It is probably just like the other prizes, purely a decorative, unique trophy made to commemorate your fantastic win. :) If you do get this item, I would suggest never selling it due to its incredible uniqueness and the amazing win that it represents.
  15. like 16th? :p

    EDIT: I'll try to do this.
  16. Yes this would be fine.
  17. I might actually have a chance!
  18. My poems title will be yolo, for I will only ever do it once.
  19. probably grateful for canada, seeing as it was what caused me to go "how is this even related to novemb- OHHHHHH"