[CONTEST] Wallpaper Contest Winners

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  1. Empire Minecraft Annual Wallpaper Contest Winners Announced
    [HERE] is the EMC Wallpaper Contest 2014 Album

    1st: cddm95ace
    2nd: AlexChance
    3rd: caseyrae18

    Honorable Mentions:
    (will receive 20,000r each for their efforts)

    1st place: cddm95ace


    2nd place: AlexChance


    3rd: caseyrae18


    honorable mention 1.png

    honorable mention 2.png

    honorable mention 3.png

    [Here] are the winners from 2 years ago.
    [Here] are the winners from last year.

    (Subject to change due to donations!)

    Current Rupee Prize Pool: 908,135 r

    DC of Melons (split up)
    Maxarian Head
    Turkey Slicer
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Vault Voucher
    3 DC of Gunpowder
    1 DC of Bones
    1 DC of Slimeballs
    64 Super Dragon Poop
    1 Stable Voucher
    1 Vault Voucher
    64 Diamonds
    1 2012 Empire Firework (1st)
    1 DC of Pumpkins (split up)
    60k Armor Set (1st)
    1 Turkey Slicer (1st)
    1 Vault Voucher (1st)
    1 Cupid's Bow (2nd)
    Enchanted infinite bow (2nd)
    64 Coal Blocks (2nd)
    64 Obsidian Blocks (2nd)
    64 Gold Blocks (2nd)
    1 Vault Voucher (2nd)
    Donkey "SIlvius" (3rd)
    Enchanted Forrtune 2 Pick (3rd)
    1 Vault Voucher (3rd)
    32 Coal Blocks (3rd)
    8 Haunted Candies (various) (3rd)

    1st Place: Empire Artisan's Palette + 1/2 of rupee prize pool
    Screenshot at 20-30-42.png
    2nd Place: 1/3 of rupee prize pool
    3rd Place: 1/6 of rupee prize pool

    You must create your own wallpaper, please do not use others' work.
    You may not use wallpapers from the last 2 contests.
    You MUST feature the EMC Logo somewhere in the image you are submitting.
    Please do not submit wallpapers on alternate accounts!

    Empire Minecraft Logo
    [Vector Photoshop] - Direct Download

    Submitting Your Wallpaper
    Please upload your images to an image hosting site first, such as [Imgur]
    To submit your wallpaper, please fill out [this form]

    Submitting a Donation
    If you wish to donate to the prize pool of this contest, please fill out [this form]
    All sent donations are final, once it has been sent, it will not be refunded.
    Donations are added to the prize pool at the top of the page manually.

    This contest will end May 31st 23:59 EST

    All submissions will be viewed and voted upon as long as they are in by the submission deadline.
    Top Rupee Donors!
    Deathtomb8953: 250,000r
    Reindeer_: 220,000r
    IcecreamHorse: 100,000r
    anonymous: 100,000r
    shavingfoam: 100,000r
    JNight: 75,000r
    boozle628: 17,777r
    slash14459: 10,000r
    People of Carthaga: 10,000r
    Defluxer: 9,345r
    Jurdon: 5,000r
    Green_Mystery: 5,000r
    Tricksh0t5; 1,000r
    nick5013: 5,013r
  2. first!
    mee too :)
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  3. Excited to see the entires :)
  4. Omg those prizes, I love dots! (this the part where kephras corrects me)
    In all seriousness i can't wait to participate.
  5. So wow.
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  6. Sweet, think I'll donate to the cause right now. :)
  7. Sorry, my ellipses are banned from entering.
    Fortunately, I'm not. :3 Though it does sadden me that we won't get to see all the awesome entries for another month.
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  8. so wow.
  9. Can't wait to see these entries yo
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  10. i would love to see a wallpaper made by the founders of EMC, i think that would make for an awesome contest :)
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  11. I may enter and post something ;)
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  12. sounds like fun! I'm up for a challenge ;)
  13. All my stuff is subbmitted yeah! wall paper and 64 super dragon poop!

    64x50000 = 3.2 million rupees worth of Super Dragon Poop!

    Above is my wall paper of my cave i made on smp9!

    EDIT: more donations! 3x dc of gun powder 1x dc bone 1x dc of slime!
  14. I'll see if I can find some time to make something for this :) Sounds fun!
  15. Eew. Fewmets. Imagine the stench >_<
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  16. Stench is a glorified quality in some cultures
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  17. Bacteria is a culture too. I do my best to avoid those.
  18. Penicillin .. nuff said.
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  19. my 1st try at a wallpaper! what you all think?