EMC Wallpaper Contest - Round 2!

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  1. We've hit an astonishing 60,000 members. I think it's time for another wallpaper contest!

    We have winners!!!

    First place, winner of 224,694 Rupees is....!


    Second place, winner of 214,694 is


    Third place, winner of 204,694 Rupees is,



    [Here] are the winners from last year.

    644,082 Rupees!

    (Subject to change due to donations!)
    1st Place: 224,694
    2nd Place: 214,694
    3rd Place: 204,694

    You must create your own wallpaper, please do not use others' work.
    You may not use wallpapers from last years contest.
    You MUST feature the EMC Logo somewhere in the image you are submitting.
    Please do not submit wallpapers on alternate accounts!

    Additional Details
    You may submit up to three different wallpapers!
    You may donate to the prize purse! - Donations must be a minimum of 100 Rupees.

    Empire Minecraft Logo
    [Vector Photoshop] - Direct Download

    Submitting Your Wallpaper
    Please upload your images to an image hosting site first, such as [Imgur]
    To submit your wallpaper(s), please fill out [this form]

    Submitting a Donation
    If you wish to donate to the prize purse of this contest, please fill out [this form]
    All sent donations are final, once it has been added to the purse, you may not be refunded.
    Donations are added to the purse each morning.

    This contest will end May 31st 23:59 EST
    That's over one month! (This will give a chance for newer members to compete.)

    Good Luck =)

    Top Donors!
    MuffinCraft15 - 200,000!
    Tikiman687 - 87654!
    Bigdavie - 60,000!
  2. *Waits for illustrator to open.*
  3. I would like to donate 101 r
  4. I predict SparerToaster having a very good chance at winning this.
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  5. 4th! This looks awesome!
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  6. Please fill out the linked form in the "Submitting a Donation" Section of the post.
  7. Ill donate 2k
  8. Awesome, Looks like i'll have a great looking wallpaper in a month's time :p
  9. Any possibility to donate items? Emerald blocks, beacons, redstone blocks, enchanted items etc?
  10. Wow...yay!
  11. Filled out form and donated 5,000 rupees. Might try to piece something together myself :p.
  12. *Downloads Free 30 day Photoshop trial!* :p
    Edit- The download assistant won't work on my PC for some reason :(
  13. I'd enter, but I have nooo creativity about stuff like this :p
  14. GameKribJEREMY was IcC's alternate, not Jim. They are completely different people. :)
  15. *facepalm... Nevermind I feel stupid haha
  16. Yeah I kinda just remembered haha.... It's funny cause as I typed it in I put Jeremy and was like... Why did I do that...
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  17. Definitely going to submit to this
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  18. May 31... my Birthday is may 30th. Haha

    I probably would donate.