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    This voting contest will be unlike the others in a few ways, so read carefully.

    Contest ends October 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time.

    There are 4 'tiers' to this contest. Each tier has a different prize and amount of prizes awarded to random participants.

    Tier 1: Those that have 35 vote streak INCREASES between now and October 31st.
    5 prizes (Diamond Voter's Block) awarded at this level.

    Tier 2: Those players that have 70 vote streak INCREASES between now and October 31st.
    3 prizes (Redstone Voter's Block) awarded at this level.

    Tier 3: Players with a vote streak TOTAL of over 250 on October 31st.
    2 prizes (Emerald Voter's Block) awarded at this level.

    Tier 4: Players with a vote streak TOTAL of over 500 on October 31st.
    1 prize (Beacon Voter's Block) awarded at this level. Yes, these people do exist.

    Players may win more than once in different categories if they qualify. Alternate accounts may participate. If there are any voting hiccups between now and October 31st, there may be adjustments to the criteria. If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer.

    Good Luck!
  2. Nice
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  3. What if I have a 50 streak?
  4. The contest is designed to acknowledge those that vote during the period as well as those that are long standing voters. You will most likely want to focus on tiers 1 or 2.
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  5. How is it possible to have 70 increases within 49 days (hope I counted correctly)
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  6. for once i'll be able to participate in these legitimately.. i've hit my 40 days in a row today.. made a habit of it so i shouldn't forget this time and easily get all the voting days covered :D
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  7. I should be able to be in tier 2...Another question, What about a streak of 40?
  8. Every 16 hours you can increase you vote streak and if you vote on every site it increases by 2 :)
  9. Wow... thanks for the great contest! :D So many Voter's Items... I'll be trying for the Diamond and Redstone versions.
  10. i am thinking she's meaning someone who votes at least 35 times between now, and then.. so, if you start voting now, or tomorrow, or at least 35 days BEFORE october 31st, then you'll qualify.. 35 is the minimum increase amount... so 40 is covered in that...
  11. Ok thanks, I have 3 chances of getting it o3o
  12. So we can vote every 16 hours?
    My sleep schedule will be very messed up with this...
  13. So excited for this competition :D Voting is something I can do well x3 Time to start voting on all my alts :p
  14. I think i can make the 250+ one if i try really hard... that would mean a messed up sleep schedule and not voting for my alts/other people :/
  15. Well, I'm glad I'm finally in the habit of voting again. I can only go for the first two, so I will.
  16. is this going to be tracked independently or do we need to post our stats?
  17. Great contest and certainly one I can partake in as I am already voting. Though, I would think that the Diamond Voting Block could be put in at Tier 3, and the current Tier 2 and 3 moved to 1 and 2. But that's just me :p

    Are these blocks actually called "Diamond Voter's Block" and "Emerald Voter's Block" etc or are they essentially called "Voter's Block" but just with different versions? For example, the current Diamond Voter's Blocks just say "Voter's Block", and I was wondering if you were just copying those or changing up the name :)

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  18. :eek: Ooh hell yes! October 11th, baby!

    ...the scary part is, I know I'm playing catch-up and there's already people who've broken that mark... :oops:
    Emerald T3 block sounds sexy too.
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