[CONTEST] Voting Contest 2016!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 15, 2016.

    Read carefully.
    Contest ends SEPTEMBER 30th at 11:59 pm EMC time.

    There are 4 'tiers' to this contest. Each tier has a different prize and amount of prizes awarded to random qualifiers of that tier.

    Tier 1: Those that have 40 vote bonus INCREASES between now and Sep. 30th.
    8 prizes (Diamond Voter's Block) awarded at this level to random qualifiers.

    Tier 2: Those players that have 80 vote bonus INCREASES between now and Sep 30th.
    6 prizes (Redstone Voter's Block) awarded at this level to random qualifiers.

    Tier 3: Players with a vote bonus TOTAL of over 400 on Sep 30th.
    4 prizes (Emerald Voter's Block) awarded at this level to random qualifiers.

    Tier 4: Players with a vote bonus TOTAL of over 800 on Sep 30th.
    2 prizes (Beacon Voter's Block) awarded at this level to random qualifiers. Yes, these people do exist.

    Players may win more than once in different categories if they qualify. Alternate accounts may participate. If there are any voting hiccups between now and September 30th, there may be adjustments to the criteria. If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer.

    It is possible to raise your voting bonus more than once per day. Vote on one or more sites every 16 hours to earn a vote bonus increase. Vote on all sites and you can potentially earn a vote bonus increase every 12 HOURS!

    Good Luck! :)
    See vote.emc.gs for the list of voting links.
  2. I <3 voting contests! :D
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  3. I might actually qualify for this one! I need to stop forgetting to vote in the afternoon :p
  4. I want to make a joke about leaving that voting-contest comment on Krysyy's page literally minutes before this went up, but I can't think of anything funny. My sagely tiger wisdoms fail me.

    Still hoping to snag one of those rainbow-text beacons this time around...
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  5. nuuu, no fair. i just reached 300 yesterday, no way i can make this ^.^

    i think its awesome that u guys put extra value to voting!!
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  6. Darn it, if this was 100 days later, I'd qualify for the voter's beacon :L
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  7. There are 76 days between now and the deadline. It's possible to get more than 100 increases.
  8. Such an awesome evening, EMC always manages to please, amuse & intrigue me. I got some remnants of my past today... Oh, you guys should be proud Krysyy :)

    Wait, what happened to us 600 voters?! :D

    200 days of voting takes its sweet time too ;)

    Anyway, just poking a little bit here, don't take this too seriously. Like Aya up there (amazing, same opinion) I agree that this is awesome what you guys are doing.

    We'll keep on voting! :)

    @Aya: tomorrow is your turn, don't forget :D
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  9. Hmm 800 vote bonus will be my goal for next year's contest :D
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  10. Score! I just hit 850 :D I was under 300 at 322 for the start of last one and have been voting every 12 hours since just so I can enter each tier!
  11. I mean I have a vote bonus of ~620. If it was 100 days later, I'd have 720 plus the 76 (80) for the contest.
  12. Ah, well shoot for the other 3 tiers then =)
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  13. At 2 increases per day (12 hours) the most you'd get is +152. Just shy of 800.
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  14. Gonna try to get the 80... now to figure out how to flawlessly execute this "increase twice daily" thing :p.
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  15. I may actually qualify for the emerald block on this one....
  16. Vote at 7 am then 7 pm. I set alarm on my phone :D or if your not up that early, 8/9 am/pm. You will increase quickly.
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  17. Now I'm over 800, I can shoot for the top tier! Nice to see another voting contest, good luck everyone :)
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  18. lol this will really push me to keep voting while I'm on holidays, and I'd like to both thank and not thank you for that :p

    EDIT: crap I just realised I'll be for like 9 days without internet... What will I do..? :o ugh
  19. Just in time for me to get above 400...
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