[Contest] Thanksgiving: What's For Dinner?

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  1. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that, we'd like to introduce our Thanksgiving Contest. In a defined space of no more than 124 x 124 x height limit, build a Thanksgiving meal of epic proportions on a table design of your choice. Yes, we said build. We want to see a GIANT meal, big enough for Momentus and their family! ;)

    1st place: Empire Builder's Wand, Thanksgiving 2018 Edition + 200,000r
    (multiple wands given if dual effort, rupees split between winners)
    2nd place: 100,000r
    3rd place: 50,000r

    Size: 124 x 124 x height limit
    Must include a table with food on it. Chairs not required.
    Where: In-game (if utopia) or single player.
    Feel free to explain your table/meal in the entry form, if you believe it needs explanation.
    Teams of 1-2 players.

    Entry form: https://form.jotform.com/83228173017958Deadline: 11/25/18 @ 11:59 PM
    (end of Thanksgiving Weekend)
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  2. Neat! I love me some turkey :D
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  3. Oh my, this sounds epic. Unfortunately, that much food will make me sick, so I think I'll just make a DC for the week of Thanksgiving on my res for the community to pick from. :)

    (That will not be my entry, I do not think I am skilled enough for this event.)
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  4. Oooh, yummy!
  5. Awesome, Thanksgiving dinner is always yummy :) Good luck to everyone that enters!
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  6. Cool idea! :) I wonder who came up with it.
  7. Weird comment, but I'll bite. I came up with the event idea this round, though a lot of events are the result of multiple staff bouncing ideas off sometimes, so it's not always possible to define the originator.
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  8. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I wish we did because it just looks like another Christmas feed! :p
  9. Interesting, let's see how I can get quantummechanics and complex/imaginairy mathematics involved in this one, as is tradition :p

    For that, I think we need to ask some obvious questions:
    Kryssy, could you please define what is a meal, and define what is a table, if you don't, I will :p I am planning to make a nuanced political statemnent in a build contest helt on a minecraft server again... :rolleyes:
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  10. Create a large representation of a minimum of one food item and place it on top of a generally flat surface that has legs of some sort that reach to the ground. Everything in this case is sized as if you were not the human consuming it, but instead much smaller. If you'd like to use mathematics, I'm sure you can estimate what you are an equivalent to and input that into your entry form.:D
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  11. I supposed a lot of event ideas do indeed get made up like that, but I felt like this was an event that was a single idea, from a single person. And hey, I was right. ;)
  12. Can a represantation of a food item also be a symbol for a food item, instead of a derect link to its physical apearance? Can it be what is left of a food item? Can it be food for thought instead of food for the mouth?
    (If you are not screamiung at your computer right now, I have done something wrong)
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  13. More like a rolling of the eyes :rolleyes:

    Let's stick with a physical appearance link to food for this contest at least.
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  14. I thought that might be what you're trying to do, as after Krysyy's great reply, I'd think you ought to be content. :p
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  15. can i do a PETA inspired meal? graphic but still delicious?
  16. What Vanilla Minecraft versions are allowed in this contest?

    1.14 Snapshots?
  17. Hmmmmmmm....I feel like this challenge might be right up my alley~ :D
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  18. Contests are always EMC version specific.
    So keep it 1.12.2 please.
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  19. I have a big craving for turkey and lots of it XD

    Edit: I did the pumpkin carve contest but who knows I might get into more build comps from time to time.
  20. So we can build it anywhere and send you the location?