[Contest] Thanksgiving: What's For Dinner?

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  1. just so we all can share the mental image i have..
    1) let me do it in the wild
    2) bring back momentus in boats...(jk)
  2. Mmmmmmmm.... Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Smooshed Potatoes
  3. Especially Pumpkin Pie PopTarts lol
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  4. Wait do we gets reses for it or only our reses
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  5. So anyone wanna be with me pm if if yes
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  6. So: you can make it on a residence you own / can build on, but you can also build it in singleplayer / own server(to convert it to a singleplayer world later), in case you don't have a res for it / if you, like me, prefer to be able to use worldedit, voxelsniper, worldpainter/worldmachine and the like. (I have ~10 builder's mods loaded all the time...)
    Due to it not being requered to make it on a res, you do not get a res to make it on.

    Also, a question: As a Dutch guy, I had to look up what thanksgiving even is. I hope me not understanding the tradition can not lead into negative points? As otherwise it would be kind of an unfair advantage to the Americans here. :p

    Lastly, Kryssy, could't you really have given us a little more space... this, no joke, is too small.

    I think buildteam members will recognise the castle... that is not the only thng made in minecraft though... :p
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  7. Had to look it up myself despite being bombarded by thanksgiving dinners on TV. There were many different menus with some regional differences and many quirky ideas. Here is a list of what I have gathered is a typical thanksgiving dinner.

    Green Bean Casserole - New to me and apparently more cans of Campbell's Mushroom Soup are used to make this dish for Thanksgiving that is used as soup the rest of the year.
    Brussels Sprouts
    Sweet Potato
    Corn Bread
    Cranberry Sauce/Jelly
    Pumpkin Pie
    Pecan Pie
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  8. Thanks, jet, that is not what I was kind of affraid of: It are those little things and traditions I don't know. There are so many of those in every holiday helt in the Netherlands anyway, that I can imagine those being in the US too.

    You don't notice thoe things when they are there, but only notice them when they aren't, and then still not activly. I simpely probably won't be able to make something that "feels" like thanksgiving. All the stuff you can find on internet on it is in there, but I still would miss those little things typical for it.

    I, for example, could also ask you to make something related to "Sinterklaas" You probably would find enough information on it to make something that, in the books, represents it, but I don't think you would ever catch the feeling of the holiday, simpely becaues you don't know it.

    There are more of those differences. I am currently just making something that would be a christmas dinner myself (changing stuff to represent Thanksgiving I can find, but let's assume it would be christmas, as we both know it.) I actually am quite used to go to a good restaurant and have a seven course menu with christmas. I do realise that that isn't tipical, but that is the only thing I can accuratly represent. Something like that, for you, wouldn't feel like christmas, you could say "I'm sorry, it looks good, but it just doesn't feel like it." Where, for me, it totally would.

    With building or any form of visual creating, the atmosphere, the feeling, is one of the most important things, and I am very worried how you can juge the feeling of something that is such extreemly culturally determened, witout giving an advantage to those who live like you do. That is what I ment with that one sentence.
  9. Families have different Thanksgiving meal traditions around the globe. The meal choices/atmosphere won't count against you if it doesn't match 'traditional' Thanksgiving. For example, I once celebrated Thanksgiving in Mexico and had tamales, lol.
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  10. My school once served tamales for a Thanksgiving meal. I hadn't tried them before, so it was an interesting new experience. :)
  11. Good luck to everyone!!! (runs off to go watch a bunch of Grian's videos to learn how to build dynamically, instead of plain ol' Minecraft) I'mma be over here.... trying to do this in single player.....
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  12. Wouldn't making this in EMC be considerably more difficult than single player because of the loads of mods out there that basically build for you? Plus farming the blocks to build it in EMC. I wouldn't think it fair to compare something built in EMC to something built in single player.
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  13. (sorry for the kind of rude tone of this post, I tried to make it sound more friendly, but I did not want to spend hours typing. Know it is not meant to sound that way. It is an arteffect of English being my third langue. :p )
    1: No, people don't have different thanksgiving traditions across the globe, it is a holiday specific to Canada, the US, the Caribian and Liberia. Germany and Japan are the only other two countries that have similar holidays. In the Netherlands, and many other countries alike, though Thanksgiving is a thing, it's totally different. In the Netherlands, as far as I know, It's a special type of Wendsday morning church service. (I didn't know it was a thing untill I looked the American thing up)

    2: There is a difference between having a holliday you alredey know in the a little bit different style of your neighbouring country and not knoing what the holliday is, not understanding it because it's a holiday from the potestant reformation in England, where you are raised in a family that is originally Buddhist and from Djakarta (Indonesia) and alredey have problems with the general European tradition of "dinner".

    3: Everything you do is culture, and thus can be different. The US is world-famous for it's closed culture. Everything that gets there gets Americanised before it arives at people. For example, the fact that you use a kife and a fork to eat. For me, eating with sticks is just as normal as eating with a kife and a fork, it depends on the origin of the meal. Or something else: Americans tend to swap their knife and fork all the time in between hands when eating, where Europeans don't swap at all: your kinfe stays in your right hand, your fork in your left hand. It is seen rude to even touch your knife with your left hand and vice versa.
    All thease little differences is what non-US/Canada people will probably do wrong. and this is infulential to what you think of it. For example, people from a western country experience different emotions when listening to the same pieces composed by Joe Hisaishi than people from Japan. In fact, even people from China experiencve different empotions than people from Japan. And all of them, Western people, Chinees and Jappeners cannot understand how the others experience those emotions by the same piece, and think they just intermretate it wrongly. Especially western people. I am not talking about some traditional Japaneese music here, It's all composed in Western scales: https://open.spotify.com/track/5GQAHsTo4DI71QLAXUo3DV?si=SllndwuqRAq7g63ZMI19bQ

    Not that this:
    Is what I originally wrote, this is as large as I want it to make, adressing something that could be a little problem if no one takes care of it. Just realising the difference is there probably is enough to let it not be a problem. Everything else I wrote on it, is what I, when I wrote that, thought, and actually still think, is trivial, probably because I have been interested in cultural differences for as long as I know they exist.
    I just wanted to note: Hey, this little thing here could be a problem, just make sure it isn't one.


    That is why I would ask why on earth you would make it on EMC. You're limiting yourself with it. There is, as far as I know, no reason why you could build on EMC and couldn't in singleplayer. It's just a personal preference of those who do, but giving people who do build it in the server bonus points would unfair too: as that would make people who have more rupees (who can just buy every single material in bulk) be in advantage of the people who are just new on EMC. (I have used 4DC of concrete and 1DC quartz alredey according to WE) Not to speak about those who do not have a Utopia res at all, or at least not one free, where you would even get an advantage if you have paid money to EMC.

    Yes, maybe people like me, Who have worked in a official Mojang buildteam or alike, have all the mods and everything you need to build, but 1: there is no way to rule that out, 2: I would see that as building experience, I mean, Those people have an advantage anyway, they just have more hours in building in general. All those hours represent in the mods you use. You can download all mods you want, but I don't think you'll know how to use WorldMachine effectivly within the twoo weeks you have for this contest.
  14. The countries you listed ARE across the globe from each other :p

    Regardless of the specifics, everyone has access to google and everyone can google what USA Thanksgiving is if they have a problem with understanding it. We're not going to deduct points for it being different than the over-commercialized version. Pick a theme and go with it. If you don't want to stick to specifically USA Thanksgiving, just build some giant meal and a table. With these competitions, there has never been a need to judge a build based off such specifics, and it's intended for fun.
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  15. Personally, my computer can't run mods, it would die. I have a combination of limited RAM and dying RAM.

    But then again, I'm playing on a computer that is 8 years old and I don't have the money to invest in a desktop PC, let alone the gaming one that I would like.

    I just want to use single player because I feel like building today, not resource gathering (which I would for sure have to do on EMC for this).
  16. I know, jet I am autistic and awfully competetive, I don't think I'm the only one :p

    That was not listed before. In the OP, the requirements are quite clearly listed as a "thanksgiving meal." by saying this, you have effectivly changed the guideline rules. Sure, I'll just be an Europiean and make stuff be Earopean, as I'm used to. Jet,

    [slightly anoyed]
    I have spent six paragaphs and probably more than an hour of typing explaining why that is not true, I hope you aren't simpely stating "it is" without any further explanation, or reason why all the explanation I have done is somewhat false.
    [/slightly anoyed]
    [seriously anoyed]
    That is the problem. The fact that you wouldn't think about it while juging. Have you even taken the time to read what I wrote?
    [/seriously anoyed]

    As I said:
    So, with you having read all my words, the probem probably is gone, but, if you want to say it has never been one, I would like to get a little more explanation than "it isn't".
    I always like to be proven wrong, as that, unlike winning a discussion, has you learn something, but I don't settle for "What your saying is incorrect. End."
  17. Yes, I have read every single one of your responses. I've even read them multiple times AND I'm at work. (lunch break now at least)

    I'm not changing any guidelines. I am simply stating that if you have a hard time understanding what is meant by "Thanksgiving meal", just make any meal (because Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a certain list of items and I've demonstrated that by talking about tamales in Mexico). I'm not trying to frustrate you. I am stating that for this contest, the focus is not on being 100% accurate to some cultural representation of what Thanksgiving is. It's to spend a little over 2 weeks building a giant meal on a table. The complexity is comparative to the time of completion. For a short term contest, it's not expected to be ridiculous (which is why I kept the size small). It's different than a standard building contest, and is centered on organic building since you are trying to make it look like real food.

    If you want to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, then google what that is and go for it. If you want to make a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal (aka any meal), then do that. The choice is yours.
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  18. Why wouldn't you build it in single player? There's nothing unfair about extra options.
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  19. Soooo, I am assuming as long as we keep it in dims we can build this in the frontier or waste too right?