[Contest] Thanksgiving: What's For Dinner?

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. GOod job everyone! Congrats winners!
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  2. Wow! Those look fantastic! :D Congratulations
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  3. I got 3rd Im so porud
  4. [/quote]

    We had a blast with this contest and sort of just kept going LOL.

    Thank y'all and congrats to the other winners! <3
  5. Wow! All the builds looked great!
    Congrats to the winners!:D
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  6. Well done :)

    For people wondering: no, aestethics wasn't my priority with this building: the point wasn't for it to look good, this was the point:

    An ode, to διαλογος (dia logos)

    A well-filled pumpkin soup is served with salad. It, fittingly, is eaten with sticks. The wine does not appear to have been served. Blue, apart from the colour of the notes in the background when making this, is the tie hanging over the armrest of the northern side. The other side seems to have left their gentleman-being over the chair too, in all its unmistakable red. The occasional table is laid with two bonsai trees, similar in their differences.
    The two digital assistants shout they’re right though their speakers: a robot can say it’s right hundreds of time an hour, a human gets stuck in a dialogue and stops at sixty.
    On the table, nothing appears to be standing in between the two.

    I don’t think I need to elaborate any further.
  7. Totally forgot about this.

    Good job on the winners and the runner ups. This was a fun build with the only issue was I got more hungry the more I built.
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  8. Woah, the build by tuqueque and khixan is amazing!! :eek:
    And I knew there had to be more behind Jelle's. ;)

    Only five entries? I guess with this contest some people bit off more than they could chew... or they just got fed up with it. ;)
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  9. *Groan*
  10. I suppose some people bit off more than they can chew.
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  11. Those builds are amazing! Gratz to the winners !
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  13. Thanks Keph, much appreciated :) There are some pics here if you want to see it in daytime and some more angles.
    The menu did include cranberry jelly LOL. It's near the turkey in the white bowl. We also have sweet taters with raisins, mashed taters, roasted veggies, turkey with stuffing, bread (on top of cabinet), and 4 pies (over on the banquet).
  14. These look amazing! Good job everyone :)
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  15. Khixan and Tuq! Woot! That is very impressive! Congrats on the win, but mostly congrats on such a beautiful build. That looked better than any T-day spread I've ever had.
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  16. Good job everyone!
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  18. Awesome, we won! What we accomplished looks awesome! Congrats to everyone who participated! and a special congrats to the other winners!.

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