(CONTEST) Super Bowl 54 Predictions

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  1. It's that time of year again, but the Patriots aren't involved! Who will win?

    Before Sunday February 2nd, there's still plenty of time to do research and participate in EMC's Super Bowl Score Prediction Contest. The grand prize of 250,000r will be split among the players that predict the final score ahead of the game on Sunday most accurately. That is to say, the closest without going over.

    There is no cost to enter, so consider this like a free betting game everyone can participate in. One entry per person. No alts please. It's not fair to others. All family members sharing an IP must be registered with Krysyy.


    Once the game starts, predictions are considered closed.

    Fill out the form below with your predictions (so no one else can see) and let's see who among us is psychic (or just lucky) :p

  2. Patriots and Ravens are out, that's all that matters to me :p

    This will be a high scoring game I think. Better not be a snoozer like last year.
  3. Is it that time of year again? Time for the chips and soda to be brought out for a whole day again, haha~

    I, myself, am not a sports fan at all. However, I have neighbors who are, especially when the Super Bowl comes. Every year, I can hear them cheering on their team through the closed windows of my house.
  4. Hope I can watch the advertisements this year- thats really the only reason I would watch the game :rolleyes:. #CannotWait4MovieTrailers
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  5. I am hoping this will be good and also hoping the half time show isn't as bad as last few years...

    I want more good half time commercials too XD
  6. Great. Something I know so unimaginably much about, I had to look up what a "superbowl" is. :rolleyes:

    W00T, the Netherladns stand proud? :confused:
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  7. tfw you know nothing about sports so you're just using random.org to pick random numbers between one and twenty :p
  8. Mahomes is gonna be out there slinging touchdowns. He's such a dynamic QB and I'm not even a Chiefs fan
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  9. Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady both got bested and it looks like Mahomes will get a Super Bowl as a new QB and for the team after a 50 year gap.
  10. Go HAWKS!! LOL all i wanna see is the 49ers lose.
  11. My good sir, the game hasn't even happened yet
    Nobody expected the titans to beat the patriots and the ravens, so you never know what'll go down
  12. haha, put in my guess, but don't expect to win considering the last Superbowl I saw was the XXIV
  13. Two red teams in the superbowl yee yee. Wish Seahawks didn't lose to the cheese heads :/
  14. Ahh man, wish the titans had gone farther than they did, but I'm rootin for the Mahomies!
  15. It's time. All predictions are final.
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  16. Game on!
  17. I hope my 1-0 prediction pays off :rolleyes:
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  18. Touchdown Chiefssss!!!!
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  19. 20:31 Chiefs WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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  20. Runningrhino is our prediction winner with 27-20 Chiefs