(CONTEST) Super Bowl 54 Predictions

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  1. Good finish! I thought 49ers would get it but happy for Reid for the bowl.
  2. Good job RunningRhino and well done Chiefs! What a comeback!
  3. Mahomes was the star for sure good job Reid and Mahomes well deserved win
  4. I actually was a wee bit peeved he got the MVP title... he is an undeniably amazing quarterback, but his play was generally poor this game (despite improvements in the second half). Would've liked to see it go to Williams. Too often do they just hand the MVP to the QB in these situations.
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  5. I thought similarly, though I would say to the awesome play stopper who just swatted the ball out of the air twice.
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  6. I predict 31-20 :p
  7. The "without going over" clarification did me in; my prediction was 31-21 Chiefs. Oh well, maybe next year I'll keep this in mind and try to undercut my guess a bit more than I did this time.
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  8. I’m British so I couldn’t give a prediction. I don’t even know what sport the Super Bowl is for and I don’t know what teams are playing, and I also really don’t care. My only prediction was that a company would do something stupid in an advert.

    Verizon gets the winner winner chicken dinner!

    Don’t let their advert fool you, they don’t care about your first responders at all.

  9. Same. I voted for William's. I felt qb was sloppy.
    First game I've seen in 2 decades.. was alright.
  10. Can I get a TLDR on that video, it's not available in my country :(
  11. tldr; Firefighters in California claim that Verizon throttled data during a wildfire and caused a slowness to respond to emergencies. Verizon claimed it to be a customer exercise mistake. Video was uploaded aug. 2018 so it is over a year old.
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  12. I remember that. 2018 was quite a bad year for people in my state. The fire (or at least one of the fires) was so bad that the smoke turned the sky orange where I lived. (Even though the fire was over 50 miles away from me... ._.)

    I remember November 2018 vividly. It was hard for me to breathe outside, and I even remember posting a couple images of the sky on the EMC discord at the time.
  13. I loved not watching the Cowboys play the Patriots
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  14. As a thing. As a Kansas City Woman who was born here and has lived her her entire life... Kansas City is in Missouri. There is a KC Kansas, but that isn't where the Cheifs are.
    This has been your Midwest PSA.
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