[CONTEST] EMC Theme Build: 'Summer'

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    EMC Theme Build Contest: 'Summer'

    1st Place: DeadlyAdmin
    2nd Place: JaydenIrwin
    3rd Place: sugarpunk

    Honorable Mentions:

    Summer is finally here! To celebrate, the Empire is holding a theme build contest during the month of June.

    Theme: 'Summer'

    Max dimensions: 30 x 30 (height does not matter)
    Use single player and submit your world download file.

    Deadline: June 30, 2014 at 23:59 EMC time

    1st place: Empire Builder's Wand + 1/2 donations
    2nd place: 1/3 donations
    3rd place: 1/6 donations

    Screenshot at 10-47-31.png
    Rupee Donation Pool: 377,605 r

    xXvexenXx - 75,000r
    EdmundWayne - 50,000r
    SILVERMAN2 - 25,000r
    Anonymous - 25,000r
    QuarterStop - 25,000r
    drewradio - 25,000r
    pyro_vampiress - 25,000r
    BevK56 - 25,000r
    melk73 - 20,000r
    jay2a - 15,000r
    slash14459 - 14,459r
    Aldaitha - 10,000r
    People of Carthaga - 10,000r
    COD4Hoogie - 10,000r
    lifegrind - 5,000r
    jimpixs - 5,000r
    btharrold98 - 5,000r
    Sunny_Chicken - 2,500r
    miningdiamonds8 - 2,000r
    herocrafter2912 - 1,000r
    minecraftgirl30 - 1,000r
    creepergal2002 - 1,000r
    mrlegitislegit - 250r
    Ethy202 - 202r
    DaJaKoe - 100r
    cricko96 - 55r
    SkyDragonv8 - 8r
    JaydenIrwin - 1r

    Item Donation Pool: See Spoiler Below

    64 gold blocks
    "Toddler Warfare" A book by slash14459
    Shears with Silk Touch I
    Renamed Potion of Swiftness 8:00
    3 Potions of Water Breathing
    3 "Sky's Special Stone Slab"
    64 gold blocks
    32 chicken eggs
    64 Golden Apples (purple text)
    1 EMC New Years 2013 Celebration Firework
    2 Unb3,For3,Eff4 Dimaond Pickaxe
    3 JaydenIrwin heads
    6 stacks of glowstone
    32 diamonds
    6 emeralds

    Submit your entries here: [Click me to submit]
    Donation form: [Click me to donate]

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  2. Oh nice contest, I hope to see everyone enter, even maybe some of the new people also.
  3. Wuhu, summer feelings :D
  4. cool, I'll get started right away!
  5. Hm... I'll need to think about trying this
  6. Alright, What's the Builder's Wand?
  7. please fill out the donation form
  8. Sounds awesome! :D
  9. Can we use snapshots? I fear that if I do mine in a snapshot, you guys will play it in 1.7.9 and ruin it.
  10. Totally entering!
  11. I feel like I want to stream my building process... Hm...
  12. Keep it in 1.7 please.
  13. Sounds interesting, might try it :)
  14. How do we make the download link?
    I dont play single player much so I dont download/upload worlds to my minecraft.
  15. Same, I was wondering how we could do that because I really want to enter :p
  16. How do you get a world download
  17. Huh? Why? That's outdated!
  18. I think kryssy meant that she wants everything to stay in 1.7.9 and to not go into all the new stuff that will come out in 1.8.
  19. I donated.

    Here's a way:
    1. Compress the world you want to send into a zipped folder.
    2. Go to this thread.
    3. Click on the Upload a File button, like you would to add a picture.
    4. Select your zipped world folder.
    5. Hit post reply.
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  20. Here are the instructions on a windows computer.
    1. open file explorer and type %appdata% in the adress bar
    2. open up .minecraft
    3. look for the saves folder and open it
    4. Find the file named after your world and copy/zip it
    5. Copy this zip and upload it to some sort of file hosting site
    6. Now you should have a link
    edit: ninjd