[CONTEST] EMC Mansion - Room Decorating Contest 2024

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, May 9, 2024.

  1. I had specified in an earlier post to let me know if anybody wanted the floor changed. I'm not giving out permissions for it, but happy to quickly switch out the blocks as requested. :)
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  2. Wait, how were you able to break Raaynn's blocks?
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  3. if you need your floor changed, ask moops to change it for you
  4. not just there is somting called player side and server side
    on the server side i dit notting cliënt side i dit break his blocks and becouse i was lagging a lot with conection to the server my cliënt got like updated after 5 seconds anoug time to break the redconcrete and look troug it
  5. Help please - I accidentally locked myself out :rofl: :lmao: I put a pressure plate beside the door and close it and now I can't get back in...
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  6. I put a parrot in my room that I would like to eggify but I don't have permissions to do that. Could you please help with that? It's the only Lovey Dovey in the room. The other parrots can stay.
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  7. The Lovey Dovey should be in your inventory now. :)
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  8. Thank you, Lovey is safe in my inv. 🙂
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  9. I'm putting the finishing touches on my room. But I've rather 'cleverly' (through pressure plate mishaps) managed to make the door closed instead of open.

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  10. It's a feature, not a bug?
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