[CONTEST] EMC Mansion - Room Decorating Contest 2024

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  1. I can add alts if needed, but there will only be one prize per person (not per account). If there is a separate person that you would like to work with, you may absolutely do so! I'd love to see you join, We3!
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  2. Awesome!!!
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  3. Thanks for clarifying! Sorry that I couldn't join before the deadline; I was already asleep when you replied and am not one to make an uninformed decision. I respect the deadline nonetheless, though.

    Best of luck to those that did join! I'd love to see what you build!
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  4. You can still join if you'd like! Just let me know and I'll set up a room for you. I made some extras just in case :D
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  5. Hello all! The EMC Mansion rooms are officially open and ready to be decorated! Visit the residence at /utopia /v EMC_Mansion

    The room assignment is as follows:
    • Floor 1:
      • Room 1: Tuqueque
      • Room 2: EfficiencyV
      • Room 3: XxartboyxX
      • Room 4: Raaynn
      • Room 5: Zomberina
      • Room 6: KatydidBuild
      • Room 7: Dreacon78
      • Room 8: LindenNZ
      • Room 9: LunarEndergirl
      • Room 10: BlockHead_56, farmerguyson
      • Room 11: ultipig
    • Floor 2:
      • Room 12: Trwe
      • Room 13: fighter_Ethan
      • Room 14: Clayplatypus
      • Room 15: daanhu, dontlickthesofa
      • Room 16: Spyrovsgnorg, Envine
      • Room 17: autoventieldopje, Prcgryck
      • Room 18: MostWantedGerman
    Please let me know if you need more flags, want the floor blocks changed, or want a window added (on one exterior wall only).

    If anybody else wants to join, send me a PM at pm.emc.gs/MoreMoople!

    I can't wait to see the completed mansion! I'll be doing some landscaping at some point. ;) Happy decorating!

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  6. not sure if im doing something wrong but currently move & tp flag are on, cannot access the plot
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  7. My bad! You should be able to access it now. :)
  8. lol... dannhu with 4 accounts in it???
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  9. Which ones!? That doesn't seem right.
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  10. 15 and 17 are all daanhu
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  11. i noticed that, i dont wanna suspect but i believe mostwantedgerman is also daanhu
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  12. I am aware of this and reached out to him. He wants some of his friends/family members to join him.
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  13. Can't wait to start, it will be an amazing experience for everyone, and we will have fun being goofy and growing our interior design expertise
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  14. Is there any chance we can have the tame parrots flag on during the building period so we can get them sitting down and behaving themselves? :D
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  15. You all should be able to spawn/train animals in your room now!
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  16. Thank you!!
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  17. out of curiosety i was looking in raayns room by breaking the red concrete but i counted i tink he has 12 blocks
    instead of 10 becouse u cant change your floor and at floor place he has water and under that i tink sand
    is it possible that we can change our floors 2 deep or just change our floors
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  18. Mine is only 1 deep. stop spying.
  19. 2 we cant change our floor and i tink u have sand under the like floor level
    note im a chineese spy lol
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  20. I never thought to dig into the floor, I just built on top. I'm all done so I'm not going to change it now :D
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