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  1. Hi, I was wandering through the website and stumbled upon some information that seems to be conflicting. Its been an awful long time since I joined, so I dont remember what I got in rupees but here is what I found.

    In the wiki--- New player guide
    the basics---- down on web site and forums it states you will receive 5000 rupees for joining the forums. Now look down on player economy and it comments that you receive 11000 rupees for joining the forums.

    if I am reading this correct, then its an error. if I am just blurry eyed and confused, then perhaps I am mistaken. Either way, I dont understand so I am bringing it to the attention of the powers that be to do my part if its a mistake and to understand if its not.

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  2. You get money for joining the forums? Honestly I can't check this, my rupee history doesn't go further back than Feb 23 2012.
  3. Hmmm, we will take a look, however the second part does say "and up to an additional 11,000 Rupees for completing tasks such"

    My last alt in fact received 5000 for tutorial, 5000 for joining forums, 5000 for being referred, and 1000 for first login... perhaps the 11000 was in that somehow.... but suppose wiki could be a bit clearer. In addition I voted from day 1 and if you have supporter will receive login bonus....
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  4. In that case, 11000 is correct, but 2000 is not. ;)

    For the record, I got 1,500 rupees from the tutorial (300 per question), and nothing for joining the forum. :)
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  5. I believe the 11k, from these but doesnt include referral,

    as raaynn said though we will try to clarify it :)

    Edit: Im so far unable to find 11k listed anywhere, could you link to where you found this?
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  6. "You will automatically gain 2,000 Rupees upon completion of the tutorial, and up to an additional 11,000 Rupees for completing tasks such as signing up on the forums." Economy,the wiki page.

    Rupees - buying and selling
    Rupees are the official buying/selling currency of the Empire. Almost anything can be bought using them, and you can earn them in a variety of ways. Your rupee balance is cross-server, meaning the Rupees you have on SMP1 are the same Rupees you have on SMP2, SMP3, SMP4, and so on. You can sell more unique items with CHOOSE signs; find out more by visiting the Creating Player Shops page.

    You will automatically gain 2,000 Rupees upon completion of the tutorial, and up to an additional 11,000 Rupees for completing tasks such as signing up on the forums. You will also receive various items that help you get started, like armor, diamonds, a horse, etc. It is smart to keep these items, not sell them off, because they will come in very handy while you learn the different aspects of the Empire.
    Here are some useful Commands:

    • /r pay playername amount - Pay someone Rupees. Example: /r pay Aikar 9001.
    • /r - Check your rupee balance. If you click "(learn more)" while in-game, it will take you to the wiki page.
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  7. I see it.

    There are Mutiple tasks available to complete. you can earn up to 11000 rupees by completing them all.

    ok,, nothing wrong except my comprehension haha. thanks to all who took a moment to ponder this along with me.

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  8. I quoted it in my post:
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  9. 11k sounds about right. I remember getting that when I signed up to the forums! :D
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