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  1. Hey everyone,

    We spent a good couple hours in a staff meeting the other day talking about a lot of things and a lot of fun ideas came out of it. As you know we've never really been 'in your face' about voting for us on the various sites. It's just always been hard for Justin and I (even in past communities) to 'ask' or 'bribe' people to do things. However, it's been made clear that you guys WANT us to do this to a degree.

    We stepped back and realized in the minecraft server list world, it is kind of required. Just because we aren't interested in doing it, doesn't mean that other servers aren't shoving it down player's throats (and it's working for them!). So, while we're not going to be annoying with it, we are going to put it in your faces more about voting, and we're going to make it worth it!

    Most servers offer some sort of prize such as diamonds or other in game items for voting everyday, generally diamonds. We've offered rupees in the past (and currently) and let you buy what you want. Some players, however, have let us know the amount isn't enough and some don't care about rupees at all. We took all of this into consideration and here is what we've come up with so far.

    Voting everyday will reward you with three things:

    1. Rupees (more than currently and possibly exponentially for voting multiple days in a row).
    2. An in game 'badge' of some sort. This will likely be a symbol or letters next to or around your in game name.
    3. Empire Credits
    The first two are self explanatory and I'll get to the third in a second, but first, we'd like some ideas for the first two.
    1. How many rupees do you guys suggest we offer per vote? If we do a daily increase thing, what are some ideas/limits you'd suggest? For example: Vote for one day - 50 Rupees, Vote two days in a row - 75 rupees on second day, Vote 3 days in a row - 100 rupees on third day, etc.
    2. What are some suggestions you have for an in game badge. It has to be within the limits of text and colors available in Minecraft, we can't add images, etc. An example would be:

      ::: Username :::


      [Voted] Username

      The idea is to give you recognition and let others know you did your part to help the server grow that day (like a "I Voted" sticker in real life). New players will ask/wonder how you got the badge and you can share with them how to get it (helping us get more votes!)
    Now, onto Empire Credits. Empire Credits is an idea we invented in our meeting and can/will grow beyond voting, but it's where we're starting. Each vote will get you an Empire Credit. Credits are a non-visible currency (like rupees) that will be able to be used for things in EMC. Obvious ideas will be things like:

    • Exchange Credits for Rupees
    • Exchange Credits for double XP time
    • Exchange Credits for in game "buffs" (like fire resistance, etc.)
    • Exchange Credits for "Supporter Samples" (like 24 hours of iron supporter, for example)
    We'd also like for you to throw out ideas to our credit system as well, such as other things they can be used for and whatnot.
    Thanks everyone ahead of time for your thoughts and feedback!
    Also while the perks aren't setup yet, obviously, if you'd like to start voting for us out of the kindness of your hearts <3 we've listed the website's we're on below. :)

    (Can vote everyday!)

    (Make sure to click the diamond icon as well!)
    (Can vote everyday!)

    (Can vote everyday!)

    (This is a link to our "Group" which is a unique feature for this kind of site at this time. All our servers are listed here and you can vote for each of them daily. Also, tweeting/liking/fb sharing etc. for each server boosts our score!)

    (Can vote everyday!)
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  2. Sounds Awesome!

    Edit: I have always supported the "not shoving it down on our throats" thing, but I do think it is time that there is more of a reason to vote. I had given it some thought on how this should "properly" be done - but have never been able to think of a good way. This encourages it; but you could certainly still play in the game and not be suffering from not voting.

    -chickeneer approved-

    Edit 2: I keep on coming up with more to say :p

    Thanks for putting a list together - I had found a couple of these but not all of them.
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  3. I very much like the idea of ::: Username ::: around the player name, we dont have a red in town chat yet so this would be very noticeable to players. This would also benefit F2P players who are trying to buy/sell items as will draw attention to themselves.

    My idea to add to the Empire Credits would be,
    • X (X being a high number) amount of credits can be traded in for a Dragon Egg.
    [will add more when I think of them]

    All in all very nice idea. Good job to all the staff on this productive meeting. :)
  4. I like it! Awesome! Hope some more people will vote now:D
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  5. In terms of the badge, how about a prefixing the name? I've never been too keen on ranks in words before a name... it looks a little cheap IMO. Also, maybe the ability to have a coloured nametag for a day with Empire Credits (via TagAPI)?
  6. Another update from EMC
    This one is one of the greater one, and i'll be looking forward to try it.
    The EMC Staff is really doing their job, and are only getting better and better :)
    We're a succes!

  7. We didn't want to change the name colors as it would interfere with supporter memberships and could confuse people.
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  8. I don't mean in chat, I mean the physical nametag above the person's head in-game.
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  9. Oh gotcha. I'll let Aikar answer on that, but good idea.
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  10. Thanks ICC! Sounds great. I voted on every site for today just now.

    Edit: Good ole Chickeneer getting first. lol
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  11. i am gonna vote for all except the last 2 the last 2 are to hard to vote
  12. I think if you vote then you get those credits and if you save up 10000 credits youu get TNT use for a limited time
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  13. Perhaps you let us choose our rewards?
    for example if I voted 10 days in a row I can chose between a iron block, a red flower or 50r

    (please include iron blocks, I love iron blocks)
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  14. Only got to say Two Spanish words: Me Gusta!
  15. So a direct item swap for EC? you'd have to give each credit a monetary value in that case though, which would fix higher item value and freeze the economy :s
  16. Well, we may have it so you can trade Credits for Rupees. That way you can buy whatever you'd like. :)
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  17. this sounds freaking awesome. nothing short of freaking awesome.. other words would clearly make this sound better, but i can't swear... other wise, i would. because sometimes, stronger words for things, just make it so much better ^.^

    seems pretty fair to me the way you have it anyway... i usually don't vote because i don't really care to get the rupees.. because i don't usually spend mine..

    i kind of like this idea, more than the [voted] one.. though i don't know what else or what kinds of things you can do for the badge.. are you able to show us like a picture of some sort of all the things possible for a badge? i've seen some websites for servers have players names glow or sparkle, or do some crazy awesome stuff, but i think that was only website look, i don't know how they turn up in game...
    though, my fiance mods on another server, and their [mod] [admin] things the each letter is different.. [admin] which i thoughts was wicked awesome. lol

    this all seems fair, and awesome... except the last one... is it JUST iron? because to me, if someone can pick diamond... they don't support, yet, have 4 res choices for that 24 hours... so they can "steal" res' just because the got the samples..

    am i making sense with that? and since you don't get your res' taken away once your supporter runs out... they can get more for nothing this way...
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  18. Empire Credits: 'x' number of Empire Credits = 'x' amount of blocks in the Wild you can claim as your own and have protected.

    It'd take a lot of Credits to be able to buy this perk though.

  19. Nice idea how do we check our credits?
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  20. mcsl kinda sucks on the terms of voting... An individual username can only vote on one server in a 24 hour period.. One of the servers I staff uses them and unlike the others that allow you to vote on any server once in a 24 hour period they only let you vote on 1 server in a 24 hour period.. :oops:
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