[Coming Soon] EMC Upgrading To Normal Mode

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  1. As a path to make EMC's Wild the most exciting out of any survival server, we're taking a minor step soon that's not exactly a HUGE change, but one that will give a little more edge none-the-less. We will be upgrading our server to "Normal" mode instead of the "Easy" mode we've been on since launch.

    All in all, this really means that the mobs will be a little more hostile and will do more damage to you. When you're hungry and don't eat, your hearts will go down to half of one heart instead of half of all your hearts.

    Now, we're throwing in a few LITTLE twists to make this hardship more worth it. Mobs will now have a chance to drop MORE of what they normally drop. They will also have a chance to drop other random items, including a few surprises.

    There is also a HUGE twist we'll be adding that will change how you see the EMC wild forever (in a good and super fun way). This is going to remain a secret until we launch it. :)

    This update has an ETA of ABOUT 2 weeks. It could be a little more and it could be a little less, but that's what we're shooting for.

    Edit: We see people requesting HARD mode in here. We won't be doing that (saving that for a future Dystopia server)...HOWEVER, we are going to bring a HARD feature to this update. Zombies WILL break down wooden doors.
  2. ooh, sounds good! :)
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  3. So, I beat chickeneer... but was beaten by Rainbow >.>

    Looking forward to these updates, I enjoy death. :)
  4. Is the surprise mob heads :p
  5. You read my mind...
  6. lol, and not a single use of the word; first :p
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  7. Aikar told you to do this so you could deter the majority of players from entering the wild, thereby pushing the prices of goods up extremely high and destroying the economy. Typical of Aikar -________-
  8. We should bump it up too hard and play like real men.
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  9. Yes2.gif
  10. Does this make me less special?
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  11. Oh come on! Upgrade it to Hard Mode! Thats my usual single player survival mode.
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  12. Funny thing is. I had this thread open and everything right after it was first posted. Didn't really have anything to say though; so I didn't post.
  13. Cool story, bro.
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  14. Note on the ETA, the current priority is vault, so not giving exact time since dont know how long vault will take, but this will be after the vault. This wont take too long, so itll be a nice small update for you guys until the D Tomb.
  15. This sounds great! I'm very interested in the "Random items" :D
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  16. Random Withers being spawned through out the entire worlds? :eek:
  17. O_O
    No, oh please no....
  18. I just exploded with excitement! :)
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  19. This will be nice. Iv been wanting this ever since they made rare drops only common for normal/hard mode.
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