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  1. Hi there, gang!
    If you haven't noticed, recently, I have been posting a few different guides that can help suit different players' needs.
    This is sort of a copy of ShelLuser's journal, which you should totally go and check out because it's way better than mine is. It has a lot more content in it, so it's definitely one of my top 10 threads on the forum.

    Anyways, here's the list of all of the guides that I have made so far. All of the links are on the title.

    - How to Slay an Ender Dragon
    Ever wanted to get your own Dragon head without having to pay for it? Ever wanted to face the challenge of killing the Ender Dragon, but you don't know how? This is perfect for you. My guide on How to Slay and Ender Dragon has an entire list of what you'll need, and some strategies on how to kill the Dragon and it's accompanying Ender Crystals. This guide can teach you and other friends good ways on how to claim your own Dragon Head.

    Beacons are some of the most expensive blocks to buy. They're also hard to obtain because you have to fight Wither Skeletons, then fight the Wither itself, and then you have to craft the actual beacon. This is a guide to beacon setup, along with different things that you can do with beacons to make them fun and cool. Yet although they are cool, they can also be pretty powerful. Those amazing everlasting buffs can help you when you're mining, fighting mobs, or just exploring your Minecraft world.

    -My Top 4 Tips to Becoming a Forum Expert
    Have you ever found writing good forum posts hard? Sometimes, do you not even know what you yourself is talking about? Then this is the guide that you may want to look into. Here, I give you four tips on how to write good posts on a thread that are detailed, and you can easily make your point clear for other players to understand. Certain members (like ShelLuser) have been able to write long, long posts, but some may not have the stamina or skill. If you think that you want to be like ShelLuser, writing long paragraphs, then you can definitely check this thread out.

    -How to Make Money on EMC (v2)
    Personally, I think that this is one of my favorite guides of them all. It's based on Aikar's "How to Make Money on EMC" thread, which is linked to my guide itself. This guide can teach you ways that you can earn money on EMC, so you can afford all those luxuries that you have ever wished for. Want a full set of 100k member's armor, but can't afford it? You should definitely go and check this one out if you think that you may need to earn some more money.

    -What Happens if you get Permanently Banned or Go Derelict?
    Ever wondered what happens if you exceed your derelict timer, or get permanently banned from the Empire? This guide is based on the wiki page, which is linked in the main guide. I had to do a lot of research to put this one together, but I think that it's really useful, especially for new players when they first join, and don't know about the derelict timer or perma-ban appeals and other consequences.

    This is all that I have for now. I'll be posting more and more in the upcoming time. I hope you all enjoy!
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