[Guide] TJ's 4 Tips to being a Forum Expert!

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  1. Hey there, community! Here's yet another one of my guides that I want to share with everyone.

    Although I am not a forum expert, I want to teach others how to write good posts when it comes to the forums. Here are four simple things that you can do to spice up your forum posts.

    1. Proper Grammar & Spelling
    Proper grammar is essential when you are writing a good forum post. If your grammar is off, then you may have some people reading your posts 20 times, not having a clue what you're talking about. You can easily solve this problem by taking online grammar courses on a site called NoRedink, or you can download the online grammar application called Grammarly. Grammarly is definitely one of the key apps that I have on my computer. Grammarly can also help you spell misspelled words and can even replace words with other ones that are more powerful or meaningful.

    2. Frequent Activity
    When you're writing, be sure to not write half of something, then leave it until the next day to keep writing it. Someone is probably going to have ninja'd you, or stolen what you were about to write. Always finish what you write on the same day that you start it, or it may give you some bad face.

    3. Know what you're Talking About
    It's essential to know what you're talking about before you talk about it. Sure, sometimes your posts can get a little bit... random... but be sure that you aren't talking about some nonsense that you made up in your dreamland. A good way to practice this is if there's something you don't know, go look it up in the Empire Wiki and find out more about it.

    4. Have Powerful Typing Stamina and Quick Speed
    Being able to type fast is good when it comes to writing good posts. A good post doesn't necessarily have to be long, but make sure that there's enough detail so your reader knows what you're writing about. A good example would be the almighty ShelLuser. Shel is a very talented writer and is a member of the Contribution Team. If you look around at his recent posts, many of them are like an essay, but he has a point that he wants to make, and he makes it.

    Some ways that you can learn to type fast are online typing training classes, as well as covering your eyes when you type to learn how to touch type. I learned to touch type in the fourth grade, and it definitely has helped me not only for forums but for school and other real-life obligations as well.

    Well, these are my four ways to become a good writer on the forums. I hope that you enjoy, and be sure to recommend what I should write next! Also, if you have any feedback, you can either PM me (Link is on my signature) or just post them in the posts below. I hope you enjoyed!
  2. Well thought out, well presented. There is some really good advice here.
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  4. Thanks for sharing this! I like it, and I fully agree (as usual I can almost say ;)).