[Guide] How to slay an Ender Dragon!

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  1. Hello there Empire Community! I've been asked this a few times before, so I've decided to write a forum post about it! The question, as you can tell by the title, is, "How do you slay and ender dragon?"

    Slaying the Ender dragon is a tough challenge. It's costly to build up a set, and may take a good half hour of your precious time to slay one. But if you still are daring enough, keep reading on. Oh. And in case you ask, I used the purple text color as an "end" theme.

    Your inventory is a crucial part of slaying the ender dragon. Without these items, you may not have a chance to survive. Here is what you need, and how to use it =) You don't have to follow this list exactly, but I personally think that this is best.

    What you need
    -Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond helmet
    -Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond chestplate
    -Blast protection 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond leggings
    -Protection 4 Feather falling 4 *Depth Strider 3* (not crucial, but recommended for speed) unbreaking 3 diamond boots
    -Sharpness 5 unbreaking 3 diamond sword
    -Power V unbreaking 3 infinity 1 bow
    -Shield (in your off hand)
    -Diamond pickaxe Some of the ender crystals are blocked with bars, so you can't shoot them with your bow. You can pile up to them, use the pickaxe to break the bars, and destroy the crystal. Voila.
    -Dirt Use your dirt to pile up to the end crystals if you can't shoot it.
    -Water buckets (2-3) Use water buckets to get down from high areas. You can place the water down then jump down the stream and it will break your fall. If the dragon flings you in the air (which it will...) look down and spam click the water bucket. It should break your fall.
    -Glass bottles (4-5 stacks) The ender dragon's special move is called "dragon's breath." Dragon's breath can be used, if in bottle form, to make lingering potions. Dragon's breath is a purple effect that damages you very fast, no matter how good your armor is. Spam click the glass bottles in the dragon's breath to get rid of the dragon's breath on the ground, and into the bottle.
    -Healing potions/Golden apples Golden apples/healing potions bring up your health, which makes you harder to kill. DO NOT USE ENCHANTED GOLDEN APPLES!
    -Bed You can place a bed in the end to set your spawn point.
    -Food I don't need to explain this, do I?
    -End crystals Will be explained.
    -Things in italics can also have mending if you can afford it.-
    Alternative for diamond gear: voters gear can be used as it is unbreakable and soulbound.

    Spawning the dragon requires End Crystals. End crystals can be crafted like this:
    (If you need to break the end crystal, you can right click it with a stick to eggify it.)
    Next, you need to place the crystals. Here're the places to put the ender crystals:

    1. Place the crystals down
    2. Locate where all the crystals are (not all of the towers have crystals on it.) You can climb on top of a tall obsidian tower with high render distance to spot which ones have ender crystals.
    3. Destroy all the crystals by either shooting them with a bow, or piling up to the tower and left-clicking the crystal.
    4. When the dragon is hovering above the portal, you can't shoot it with a bow. Use your sword and smack the dragon until it takes off again. When the dragon is in the middle, it's your biggest vantage point because the dragon moves so fast.
    5. When you kill the dragon, the dragon head should spawn atop of the portal. Most portals are now claimed by staff, so you can grab your dragon head and go.

    Slaying the dragon isn't as easy as 123. Here's some extra tips:
    • Do it with friends! It's more fun and also quicker... but you may have to split the loot.
    • Slaying the dragon yourself can be tough. It can take up to half an hour! Use the command /deathlog to see where you die if you need to recover your belongings.
    Well, that's the end of this guide! If you have any recommendations or questions for me, do leave them down below!
  2. Well done! Slaying a dragon isn't so simple as you've shown, why were lucky this isn't hard core, now that's pretty difficult.
  3. You can kill the dragon in voter's gear.

    Also, you don't have to be a supporter to place or use a bed in the end.
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  4. Really? Okay, I'll edit that in. Thank you!
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  5. Ya I used voters gear and sword/bow on diff 1. Killed 5 with ease.
  6. I've done it on diff 5 without dying.
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  7. Okay, everything's fixed. Hope you enjoy!
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  8. step 1. place a bed
    step 2. shoot the dragon with arrows until it dies
    step 3. dragon dies
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  9. *Booksmarks page*
    Cause Ima noob =p
    Thanks for this:D
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  10. Mayoman100 and I killed it in voters gear.

    Edit: @bitemenow15 you forgot about end crystals.
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  11. Nice job TJ!

    I would like to add the minimalist version here too.
    • Gear - Good feather falling boots. Voters ones will get the job done. A sword and an infinity bow (or regular bow and a good # of arrows). A pickaxe.
    • Inventory - Food, stack or two of ender pearls, empty glass bottles.
    • Junk blocks to use for pillaring up obsidian, bring at least a stack. Be kind and take down your junk blocks when you are done.
    • Bed and optional ender chest.
    1. Set bed slightly away from end portal exit. I prefer a protected little alcove.
    2. Summon dragon just like TJ showed (middle of bedrock each side). Do not go up obsidian pillars yet. They will explode at tops for a significant distance.
    3. Get up high and shoot down beacons. Don't bother shooting dragon yet. Pearl across beacons for better vantage points.
    4. 2 beacons will be "armored" in iron fences. Locate them and take them down by pillaring up to them, or if you're good with pearls, pearl on top of them. Any of the health crystals/beacons will explode and harm you when you destroy them. Pull back from them a bit before shooting them.
    5. Now attack the dragon. Bow while in air just like TJ said, sword when she lands. If she knocks you into the air or off a pillar, pearl down at ground or just don't worry about it if you have feather falling. If she breathes on you, get out of it immediately and bottle it to clear it out of your way. When attacking with a sword, go for the tail or back legs.
    6. Don't lose your dragon head to the void.
    We also have the start of a dragon slaying arena on smp8, compliments of corruptedsmile and rdmaster with a little help from myself and MrCDub. It's in progress. 2 archer arms are up for shooting out the health beacons. Beds and ender chest are there too already. It'll get all done eventually :)
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  12. I've seen "stairs" made around the pillars and left; so that could be an option instead of the "noob pillar" (if that's what it's called?) Helps with l.o.s. also. Though I wasn't the one really fighting the Dragon to be honest :p just observing.
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  13. Nice work TJ, I really like your guide, and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it when I feel brave enough to slay a dragon myself :)
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  14. w8w8w8w88w8w8 WAIT beds in the end are a bad idea
    bring them as weapons not spawn setters
  15. EMC does not have exploding beds in the End or the Nether thankfully :)
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  16. You czn just epearl up the pillars instead if using blocks.
  17. Bump! Hope this can help some other players :D
  18. Bump! Be sure to check out my other guides.
  19. I find a stack of pearls is both more space efficient and more useful than a bunch of buckets. If the dragon flings you high up in the air of high up off the side of the island, you can just easily pearl back onto the land. (In addition to what you'd be able to do with buckets)

    Additionally, if you're good with a pearl/have experience using them, you can do quick dodges and pearl up to cages with them.