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  1. Beacons are one of the rarest blocks found in the game. They sell for somewhere around the 15,000 rupee mark in-game.

    I've been asked this question countless times before, so I will share with everyone my knowledge about beacons and the wither boss.

    Section One: The Wither Boss

    To get a beacon, you must first defeat the Wither Boss to get a nether star. Before you even consider doing any of this, you must first go and gather three wither skulls to spawn in the Wither Boss.

    How to get wither skeleton skulls:
    -Purchase them from a shop
    -Gather them yourself in the nether.
    1. Find a nether fortress (Big nether brick structure)
    2. Slay as many wither skeletons as possible
    3. There is a chance that they will drop a wither skull. Keep killing them until you get 3 (or any muliple of three if you plank on killing multiple!)
    To spawn in the wither, you will need three wither skulls and four soul sand in this formation:

    After you slay the Wither Boss (I'll try and remember to add tips on how to kill it here), you will recieve a wither star.
    *changed to word form due to word count :p: Three obsidian along the bottom, a nether star in the middle, and glass around the rest.

    Section Two: The Beacon

    Beacons are blocks that give you infinite buffs on your residence. The amount of gem blocks underneath the beacon changes the buff options that you have.
    A beacon is a very complicated block. Here are the buffs that it gives:

    • If it has one layer (very right hand side) you can choose from speed or haste 1 buff.
    • If it has two layers (second to right), you can choose from speed, haste, strength, and jump boost 1 buff.
    • If it has three layers (second to left) you can choose from speed, haste, strength, jump boost, and resistance 1 buff.
    • If it has all four layers, you can choose from all of the above and you have two options. You can choose to either add the regeneration buff (meaning you get one buff plus regeneration) or you can make the buff level two.
    You must power a beacon with either a diamond, emerald, iron, or gold ingot. You click the buff that you want and put the ingot/gem into the slot provided. Then, you hit the check mark, and you should be getting your buff.

    *After-note- To choose level two, you choose the base buff on the right hand side, then you hit the icon next to the heart button to choose level two.*

    When writing this, I didn't really understand what I was writing. Do let me know if you can't understand this, I will be sure to go back and correct this!
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    Any questions/additions, do PM me- Link
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  2. I have a small addition for you, hope you don't mind :) The pyramid... The pyramid needs to consist of either Iron, Gold, Emerald or Diamond blocks and you can even mix those types together. So if you just want to impress your friends to show 'm how rich you are you could opt to build the inside of the pyramid with iron blocks, and then coat it with more expensive ones :D

    Other than that: once again a nice guide!
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