[CLOSED] Save the Needle / Save the district!

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Save the Needle!

Poll closed Jul 6, 2016.
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No. 2 vote(s) 10.5%
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  1. Hi gang,

    Welcome to a thread which I'm sure the staff will most likely not fully appreciate. But it has to be done.

    Behold, the Space Needle next to the SMP2 park:

    Unfortunately its builder and owner is most likely taking an indefinite break from the Empire. Which puts both this building as well as a whole SMP2 district in serious risk of "derelictism". Right now the Needle has approx. 16 more days, I'm working out an Excel sheet with the stats of the other residences (will take time).

    First and foremost: We definitely won't be able to save / preserve all of it, I'm sure. The SSRC district is not only massive, but lets be honest: it would also be a little unfair to try and keep an area this large alive when the owner doesn't want to.

    But having said that I also believe that there are several areas which deserve a bit of effort. The Space Needle being one of it. There are several ideas and suggestions I'm planning to try out, but I won't put all my cards on the virtual table just yet, lets take this one step at a time.

    So for starters: Any devoted SMP2'rs out there who want to help me preserve all this?

    I'll be honest: not indefinitely, but I do want to see where we stand first. I'm also planning to appeal to staff and see if there might be some things which we could work out, but as said: one step at a time.
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  2. Thanks for doing this Shell. :) I might be willing to vote for one account once every 5 days, if needed. :)
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  3. I'll support the cause by adding a link to my Sig! :)
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  4. Just a suggestion.... First of all, yes make contingency plans but it may be possible that SSRC may stay.

    Could the res be Bought for some consideration intact and returned intact for same at a later time if the owner returns?
    Structure be "Bought and moved" to another res? (I know, costly)
  5. just tell em to do a res transfer, if he isnt leaving he will come back and reclaim it eventually if he is he wont miss it
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  6. My impression is that he would like to preserve it, he said that he would log in every now and then to preserve it, but that he can't guarantee it. We can help him not to miss a deadline by voting.

    Yes, it is possible and IMO not too expensive, but of course SSRC would need to agree and "sell" it.
    The question is to which account - optimally it would be an account with derelict protection.

    A possibility is also to buy a derelict protection for that account.
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  7. Buy derelict protection.

  8. I'll never be able to build a hotel like that D: m80 don't be gone for long
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  9. I'm happy to say that I'm already talking to a few people in-game about this. I won't be doing much right now (way too hot, and my gf is also coming over later today) but I am planning on finishing my SSRC district overview later this weekend.

    And thanks for your comments guys. I appreciate the agreements and disagreements.

    Ze bump.
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  10. I don't know the buildings in question, but I appreciate this. As long as people are keeping the builds alive because they like them themselves and not because the owner might once come back.
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  11. Exactly. Which is why I already said above that keeping the whole "SSRC district" alive wouldn't be fair towards other users (at least not in my opinion) and I think it would also become very tricky considering its size.

    But I am pretty determined about the Needle. Both because it was SSRC's pride project, he really invested a lot of time and effort on it and when the "rollback bug" struck he was visibly upset and a bit devastated. And because it really does what SSRC hoped for: it changed the SMP2 landscape, IMO in a very good way.

    When you're walking around the Empire park you easily notice the Needle, which I think is admirable and impressive alike.
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  12. I'll be sure to help out by voting doe
    I was planning on getting back into voting for myself anyway
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  13. #savethenoodle
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  14. The Needle has been saved!

    I (usually) don't start things without seeing them through, but in all honesty some things may take some time for me to conclude. This also reminds me of another thing I started which I'm quite close to finishing.

    FIRST: Thanks to all the unknown players who voted. Seriously: I like to think that this also did something, it clearly showed that plenty of players cared about the whole thing which - IMO - was one of the positive stimuli which I think SSRC could really use.

    Second: I keep PM's private, but I will share that I seriously took this all the way. I even suggested something to Krysyy (for specific reasons, people familiar with the area will understand) even though I knew up front that she couldn't help me here, even if she wanted.

    Think about this: What would happen if she would? This may sound harsh, but: the Needle is awesome IMO. And its location is a very special one. But with 9 EMC servers in total wouldn't it be fair to say that there are much more special buildings and locations out there? So if she would help save the Needle, then: why the Needle and not, say, FairShop (a very popular and heavily missed mall on SMP8)?

    We both knew I asked the impossible. But Kryssyy still took her time to elaborate (she could have said "you know I can't do that" and we'd still be good, but instead she motivated her answer) which for me means something: she took the whole thing seriously, even if though it was an impossible request.

    Third: This message was sponsored by SSRC mega mall. SSRC mall sells and buys products from players, so making it a very good place to get you some good rupees from mining.

    Be sure to visit SSRC mega mall on 3359 (/v +ssrc), only on SMP2!


    This thread has come to an end so I'll also be asking the staff to close it. I normally would have kept this 'underground' (=talking to SMP2 veterans only) but I really hoped to get some public support because I also wanted to show SSRC that the EMC community doesn't give up on you "just like that". And you guys proved my point better than I ever could! Thanks again!

    Who said a simply vote couldn't help to accomplish something bigger?
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