An apology and final letter.

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  1. I don't know how to go about this in the most eloquient of ways. I'm not even going to both to revise this either. I've come to learn alot over my last 4 years on EMC. Over the last week I have learned even more then I have in the last 4 years. This has lead me to this post I am no conducting. This is not to be seen as a result of the last week but more of a realization for me that has lead me to this conclusion and decision. I would like to apologize for the thread I posted awhile ago, not because of the outcome or the discussion. I want to apologize for the fact that I realized I do not fit into the EMC community anymore. I'm a man out of his own time so to speak. Essentially, I should have left EMC around 2 years ago. I've matured greatly but I've come to realize I am no longer able to reconcile my own life and who I am in real life with those who are on EMC. There are many people that I care deeply about on SMP2 and EMC and I love you all dearly. I was wrong earlier this week, but mostly because the way I think is now antiquated to the reality of now. I apologize to all that seemed so offended by my idea.

    From now on I will be taking an indefinite break from the EMC public. I will not be talking in chat, on mumble, forums, or in town. I might be on from time to time but at this point I'm withdrawing from the EMC community.

    I will try to keep my res's from going derelict but I make no promises. I just want everything to be undone. I don't seek pity and if you think I do, go ahead post below, I don't care anymore. I have done so much that I'm proud of on EMC, but one goal I have sought for a long time will never be achieved. I'm too serious, too practical, too caring, and too ignorant. For that I leave you. It has been a long and creative and exciting 4 years but it now seems to come to a close. I am so sorry. Good bye. You will all hear from me again, whether it be on EMC sometime in the far future, or on the TV as my serious and caring self changes the world.

    To those on SMP2 and my friends in general. I love you all dearly. I am so sorry for how this might effect you. I just need to get away, I did mess things up. However, don't feel sad, or troubled. Just try to follow my successes not failures. Don't be afraid to take things a little bit seriously. Some might think this is just a game, but a game will not be fun without some level of seriousness. without some serious people EMC would not survive. Strive for wealth, Strive for greatness, Strive for new heights and new records. However, do not strive for popularity. That would be my greatest mistake. It has brought me so much suffering and pain.
  2. I disagree with this 100% but I support you in your decision 100%. While I may not have agreed with your recent thread, or this one, I do however feel that another pillar in the EMC community has fallen. I won't say I miss you, because to me the impact you've left on the people of EMC will forever remain. I thank you for your service and I thank you most of all for the things you've done for this great community. Peace out SSRC, it was nice to be in your presence. :)
  3. Ah, bye windy :c
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  4. Goodbye :( didn't know you for long but I hope where ever life takes you, you'll have fun and remember your friends are here for you :)
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  5. Cya later... u were a legend on smp2....
  6. Best of luck for your future outside of EMC :)
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  7. Dude, seriously? :(

    Apologies NOT accepted. Not by me anyway because in my book you have nothing to apologize for. We all express ourselves in our own way, some may do that better than others, but in the end it's the thought which counts. Heck, I think I'm one of the guys who strongly opposed your idea of the bill of rights but I respected your posts all along the way. Because one way or the other you did something you believed in, you did so in a respectful way (I did find the 'demand' thingie a bit much, but ey! ;)) and well... I don't think you got anything to apologize for.

    Sorry to be blunt: bullshit. No offence intended here, obviously.

    But dude: look at you... Better yet: look at what you accomplished so far. Your builds are amazing, extraordinary. You have a rooted position within SMP2. True story: this evening Poof was reworking her res. and disallowed buying (which glitched, but that's another story) and some players came up to her asking when she was going to buy stuff again.

    First thing she said? I'll pull logs if you want me to: "Try SSRC, he buys stuff too".

    Sorry my friend, but I can't help think that you got a little backlash from that last thread. But just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean that you no longer fit into the crowd. I still consider you to be one of my closer friends on SMP2 and a silly little heated argument like that Bill of Rights thread does not change that. And I'm pretty sure the same applies to others too.

    Maybe it might help to take a little time off, sure, but please... I'll have none of this "out of his own time". Don't we make our own game my friend? Isn't that what Minecraft is all about, first and foremost? And well... I think anyone who looks upon SMP2, and especially the "SSRC district" will agree here, you molded SMP2 quite a bit there. Your Needle is plain out amazing, truly a build which changed the SMP2 skyline (in all honesty: obviously I am a little biased considering that I frequent the /park, but even so: so do other players!).

    I honestly and sincerely want to implore you not to jump to conclusions here. Sleep it off, maybe indeed take a quick break but... yeah.

    Heck... I've been here myself. I frequent several fora, mostly IT related, and there's one news site which I like: The Register. I even have a registered account there, I sporadically comment on stuff and share my opinion. I've been there where I posted a comment and spoke my mind, only to get 49 or 53 (don't remember exactly) downvotes. And 1 up :p Which is pretty hefty: normal amounts are around, say, 15 - 20. A recent Brexit comment (1.5 week ago) got me approx. 22/23 iirc.

    What you do then? You keep your head high, and you shrug it off (easier said than done :p). At one time I did consider retracting my comment but decided against it. This was my opinion, I shared my opinion and if people didn't like it then so be it. I won't pretend to be someone I'm not.

    This is also why I started taking pride in keeping a 3/1 score. My downvotes there are approx. 1/3 of my upvotes.

    And another thing: why not talk to people about some of your discomforts? My inbox is always open, I'm also open minded about ideas (though I obviously can't guarantee that I'll agree with all of them) but yeah.. Of course I'm not staff, yaddah, yaddah, but who cares; I might still be able to provide some useful input and maybe giving you a second opinion on some things. You might even find some of my advice useful.

    I'll even try to restraint myself from writing essays :p

    I really think you shouldn't close yourself off like this. Don't see this as an end, but why not a new beginning? One way or the other: you did leave a mark with the Bill of Rights. And not just that: some of that wasn't even fully cosmetic but actually increased players rights, more or less. You can check another of my posts for proof of that (too busy writing, can't look it up myself right now).

    Hold your horses there... Back up there please.

    I was never offended by your post. Sure, I opposed it, I disagreed with it but it never ever offended me. Quite frankly I don't think there was anything offensive in there. The "demand" part might have been a bit much but dude.. If we can't look through silly things like that then I think our toes have grown waaay too big.

    I respect your decision, but I once again strongly disagree with it.

    You may feel a bit out of place now, I can well imagine after seeing a poll where so many people vote against the whole thing, and I can well imagine that this isn't a very pleasant feeling. But...

    Easily said than done, I realize as much - trust me - but: Why not pick up from here and carry on? It's not as if people would hold it against you. You spoke your mind, which is exactly what these forums were made for. But that doesn't change who you are in-game and what you do in-game. I've always called the forums "EMC 2.0" and I mean that. They're great and all, but they're not what we do in-game.

    Awww, dude :(

    Meh, stupid max. message length....
  8. Yeah, another essay. Watch me no care :mad:

    Maybe not on your own, no, but that's why you should go to your friends and rely on them as well. There are some things which you simply cannot do on your own, but which you can achieve together. Just put some more trust in them is what I'd say.

    From my point of view you're a fine young kid who cares much about the things he does and takes all that seriously. Too much? Who knows. Better question: who cares? Dunno if you ever saw my confession thread about the events regarding the 300k player? Most people told me: "Dude, you take this waaay too seriously". So what if I do? ;)

    But I honestly don't think that running away is the solution here. Because trust me SSRC: you're going to run into situations like these again. In the real world, which will be even more scarier. It's a given, we all do at times. But the best you can, seriously, is to try and live up to it.

    They didn't invent that saying for nothing you know: "If at first you don't succeed...".

    Sorry SSRC, I am sad and troubled. And sorry once again but: you do realize that failures in live are the most precious things you can get?

    I'm dead serious here. Because here's the thing: you don't learn anything from successes. Success will only show you that you're good in whatever it is you're doing. But failing every once in a while is where the real education comes to play, THAT is the part where you'll learn on how to improve on yourself and make things even better than before.

    It isn't easy, dealing with failure (even if its only in your head) is tough. But trust me here: that's where you'll learn.

    I/we didn't learn from books that it's most likely not a good idea to keep a server in a (locked) room logged on with the root (admin) account. Not after the cleaners came in, left the door unlocked and well... The next day an intern had the best of ideas & intentions to help solve a problem. Yeah, the ending result was a whole department unable to log on and work that day, and the guy who had to take responsibility for all that... <cough, cough>... yeah. Because I OK'd the initial request :p

    But those are the moments you don't run away. You don't back down. You look up to the manager and yeah: "I screwed up, but thats not important right now: lets fix this mess first!". Said intern did end up looking for another place to work :D

    What about striving for a little fun?

    It appears some players tend to like me. Which is totally awesome. But truth be told: the only thing I'm out for is fun. Even worse: fun for myself first and foremost (how selfish!). Of course my definition of fun, esp. on the Empire, is quite diverse. I even manage to take fun out of losing my god armor even though it left me on the verge of a rage quit.

    Wealth, greatness... cool stuff; but in my opinion totally meaningless without fun.

    Why don't we two get together sometimes, maybe on another server than SMP2 to keep hidden away (I'll even throw in an alt) and just get down to basics a bit? Mining, getting out of town, collecting some stuff and have a long good chatter together?

    But yeah, I really hope you'll reconsider. I think you're focussing way too much on the negative right now.
  9. I'm really going to miss your windy :( You were one of the people that has been friends with my consistently and the longest on EMC. Thank you for all of your contributions to smp2!
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  10. It's rare that a game comes along that is as long-lasting as Minecraft has been but to have the combination of long-lasting and inspiring players to take it as seriously as this game has it's even more rare. #seriousbusiness
  11. Shall I feel being even more minority now? ... Never mind :)

    Thank you sincerely for the "Bill of Rights" thread - despite of all negativity / pessimism there, I think it has moved EMC one big step forward!

    Send a message any time you feel like.
    Good luck!
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  12. i hope that one day when i make a goodbye thread everyone empathises with me this much about everything im butthurt about.
  13. Hey SSRC, If you truly feel like some time off would do you good then absolutely. I am not sure why you would not message me or respond to me. I think you have great ideas and the Bill Of Rights was a great effort on your part. I know I shot a lot of holes in it, but I feel it was a little to much to fast and needed refining. Each day, each action, each choice we make is a learning experience. You stepped up to the plate and took a shot at what you truly wanted. It did not play out like you planed or hopped but you tried. That counts for a lot. Don't let your self feel down and depressed. Don't for one second regret you tried. Never worry about what people will think about you when you are going for something you want.

    When you return to EMC and people see you they will think not only can this person make great builds, but also is drivin to to involve himself in the operation of the server. Takes it on the chin and ready to go at it from another angle. Was your first great big build perfect?.... probably not as good as some more recent ones. That comes from experience. You feel a little down and out right now, hey life happens, we all want to crawl into a hole and pull it in after us at some point. I prefer to crawl into mine with a refreshing adult beverage lol.

    The things that you believe in and are fighting for on this server, alot are in place but we need people like you who care about whats going on. Having people like you playing helps new players learn the right way, perhaps you can move into a contribution or staff position.

    Anyway, I am sorry to see you leave over this. You seem to be talented and bright. I hope you do stay.

  14. Not to be offensive but this thread is unnecessary. If you can't handle people not liking your opinion, you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place.

  15. Bye SSRC, I never really knew you, but from what other people said, you seem like a great person and I hope life treats you well, good luck in life! :D :)

    Ps: your builds are amazing! :D :)
  16. 'not to be offensive' means I can say what I want, right? Awesome!

    Not too be offensive, electricsparx, but you should probably avoid reposting tired memes about avoiding drama while simultaneously being the only person starting drama on a goodbye note. It's kind of counterproductive and hypocritical.
  17. Why am I not surprised people still keep posting after I /thread

    Posts like these are just drama, there's no need to make a big deal of "OHHHHHHH I'M LEAVING GUYS" because then it's just a hassle (mainly for staff) when they decide to come back.

  18. A simple 7 character phrase doesn't erase the text box at the bottom.
  19. Come on, dude, if you notice you don't like this thread, just go. It doesn't do any good to post, it only causes annoyances on both sides. If you type /thread, that doesn't mean we should stop posting, but you should.

    Anyway: Okay then. I don't watch television, so I won't see you there, but have fun on it.